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How do I learn about leadership development opportunities and student organizations at Cal?

Visit the Lead Center's website and schedule a meeting with a LEAD Center advisor or peer leadership consultant to learn more.

How do I start or join a student organization?

Want to know if there is a student organization for your interest? Trying to start your own student organization? Check out the LEAD Center's Get Involved page.

Why register as a student organization?

All student organizations, both new and returning, are required to register with the LEAD Center once per academic year. If an organization does not register, benefits such as accessing financial accounts and reserving campus space are “frozen”. Learn more about the registration process and deadlines on the LEAD Center’s website here.

What does it mean to be ASUC sponsored? What are the benefits?

Once registered with the LEAD Center, student organizations have the ability to apply for an additional level of recognition: ASUC Sponsorship. This opportunity is available to both undergraduate and graduate student organizations. Benefits include:

-Eligibility to apply for ASUC Funding (both through the annual spring budgeting process and, year round, through special funds and grants e.g. space reservation funds and AAVP grants)
-Eligibility to apply for office and storage space
-An on-campus mailing address

To apply for ASUC Sponsorship and/or funding, please fill out the form on the ASUC Senate’s CalLink page. Please note this form is only available during the fall and spring semesters when the Senate is in session.

How can I tell if my student organization is ASUC sponsored?

A list of ASUC chartered programs, sponsored student organizations, along with their allocations, can be found here.

What are the different requirements for registering as a new or returning organization?

The LEAD Center’s registration process recognizes that new and returning student organizations have different needs. Learn more about the different process and deadlines for new or returning organizations here.

How do I get funding from the ASUC?

Most ASUC funding comes from ABSA or AAVP/EVP Grants. The 2018-19 ASUC Annual Budgeting and Spaces Allocation (ABSA) final budget Allocations Decision can be viewed here.

How do I get funding from sources other than the ASUC?

There are many sources of funding available throughout the year. Read about other grants and opportunities here and check out this master spreadsheet listing all campus funding opportunities here.

Where should I keep my student organization’s money?

All student organizations are strongly advised, and ASUC-sponsored student organizations are required, to have their financial accounts on campus, where they are maintained through the LEAD Center’s Business and Finance Office. Student organization’s agents have 24 hour access to view and manage their accounts via CalLink. You can learn more about student organization banking here.

How does my student organization spend our money?

Access to make purchase requests is provided through the Finance tab in CalLink. Learn more about accessing your funds here (scroll down to read the FAQs at the bottom). If you are spending money provided to you from the ASUC, you need to have a member of your organization become certified as an agent here (scroll down to read the FAQs at the bottom). The agent also has to be part of the process of advancing the stage of a CalLink request.

How can my student organization accept a donation?

If your student organization is sponsored by the ASUC, that means that you are under the fiscal umbrella of the ASUC. When you became ASUC-sponsored, the ASUC extended its 501(c)3 non-profit status to your organization. Thus, donors may be able to get tax write-offs when they make a donation to your organization. To apply to use the ASUC’s tax ID, click here and scroll down to read the the FAQs at the bottom. Interested donors can visit the online donation portal for a streamlined donation process. Alternatively, checks can be mailed to the LEAD Center and made out to the ASUC / your student organization’s name.

Where can I make a deposit?

Visit the LEAD Center’s Business and Finance Office, which is a kiosk with a glass window into the hallway, right beside the LEAD Center at 432 Eshleman Hall.


The ASUC allocates space in the Student Union building to student organizations every spring and fall.

Allocations are made based on how long each student org has existed, what kind of student group it is, and what needs the group has for space. This year’s allocations can be viewed here.

The space application and management process:

1. You must be an ASUC Sponsored organization.
2. Apply for space during the annual application process through the office of the ASUC Executive Vice President. This takes place during March or April. Decisions will be made in April. Final allocations are determined after applications and appeals are finalized.
3. To gain access to your space, a member of your organization must attend a student space orientation, usually held in late April or early May.
4. Move in/out day happens in May, or as facilitated by the ASUC EVP.
5. Space is allocated on an annual basis – you must apply every year, and you may be asked to change or reduce your space, based on the discretion of the EVP’s office.

Questions can be sent to

Did you know that registered student organizations can reserve many spaces on campus for free?
Click here to read about the different entities that manage space on campus and how to make a reservation.

For more information about managing your organization, click here.

After-hours Access

The 2018-2019 ASUC Student Union access request form is now online.

After-hours access to practice and performance spaces can be granted without having ASUC space assigned to your group, but your performing arts group’s signatory will still have to complete step 2 of the process outlined below in order for your access to be processed.

Otherwise, please confirm that your student group has been assigned space in MLK, Eshleman, and/or Hearst Gym Cages by referencing the final ASUC 2017-2018 Spaces Decision before completing this form. ONLY students in groups that have been assigned a space in MLK, Eshleman, and/or Hearst Gym Cages will be granted after-hours access to their spaces.

Pay close attention to the 2nd step, because this is a big change from how access was processed in years past! Please allow 2-3 weeks for all of these steps to occur and for your access to be activated:

1. Follow the link to the CalLink Access Request form(s) (Click here – ASUC Student Union Access Form).
– You have a CalLink profile, login with their CalNet ID.
– If you don’t have a CalLink profile, you’ll be be prompted to create one.

2. Request the ‘ALLOW AFTER-HOURS ACCESS’ position from your RSO’s Signatory.
– Your signatory must assign this position using the ‘Manage Roster’ feature on your RSO’s CalLink page.

3. Complete all necessary fields of the form with your information and be sure to click submit when completed.

4. Once submitted, the ASUC Administrative Office will review your submission.
– You will receive a CalLink notification once your request has been approved. Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow 2-3 business days to receive approval.

5. After your request is approved by the ASUC Administrative Office you will receive an email confirmation when your information has been sent to the ASUC Student Union Facilities Maintenance, and Operations (SUFMO) Team for review.
– The ASUC Administrative Office will send this information to the SUFMO team every Tuesday.

6. After your request is approved by SUFMO, you will receive an email letting you know your request is being sent to UCPD for programming.
– This information will be sent to UCPD every Thursday.

7. You will NOT receive an email from UCPD once programming is completed.

Please try your requested access after the below time frame. Access will be granted within 5-10 business days of your request being sent to UCPD and your access will expire on May 30, 2019.

If you have any questions about the status of your request or space related concerns, please contact the ASUC Admin Office at

Managing your Student Org
Need help dealing with officer transitions and elections?

Every registered student organization has a LEAD Center advisor who can provide guidance and training for students. Resources are available to help your student organization resolve conflicts and navigate tense situations among members or other entities. The LEAD Center also offers workshops in facilitating transitions, organizational sustainability, event planning, and more.

Did you know that you could be held personally liable in the case of an accident?

Many venues require student organizations have insurance in order to book space. Off campus activities by student organizations are not covered by the University’s general insurance. These activities include (but are not limited to) events with individuals under the age of 18, concerts, and cookouts/bonfires. To learn about the easy and free/low-cost process to get insurance certificate of coverage through the University, click here.

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