ASUC Programs provide important services to all students. As a result, programs receive significant funding and/or space from the ASUC. The requirements for ASUC Programs are described in ASUC Bylaw 3201.

Open Computing Facility

OCF, located on the ground floor of MLK Student Union, provides free computing services to students, faculty, and staff including: – Web hosting for more than 1,000 student groups. Almost all student organizations, including the ASUC and the ASUC mobile application, host with the OCF. – Email hosting for student groups, including addresses. – Access to a high-quality computer lab and mini-datacenter on Southside. – 250 pages of free printing for every student

Innovative Design

Innovative Design provides free client services for ASUC sponsored clubs and organizations. Their services include designing logos and t-shirts, creating promotional videos, creating websites, and doing event photography. They also teach several popular decals open to UC Berkeley students to apply for — Intro to Photoshop & Illustrator, and Principles of Graphic Design.


CalTV is UC Berkeley’s premiere source for news, entertainment, sports, and comedy. CalTV is a completely student run organization that produces original content from start to finish and offers UC Berkeley students various opportunities to develop skills in the many different areas of TV production. CalTV was founded in 2005 and has been committed ever since to providing accessible content to UC Berkeley and the surrounding Bay Area.

Publications and Media Board

PMB provides a community forum for student publications and media organizations at Cal, manages ASUC resources dedicated to this community (including funds and space), and advises the Publications and Media Center on its programs and services.


ASUC SUPERB is a student run, non-profit branch funded by the ASUC, responsible for providing entertainment for the campus and the community through their ten departments: General Management, Concerts, Games, Films, Sneak Previews, Comedy, Marketing, Photography, Web and Art & Design. Their 80-person production team is composed entirely of undergraduate students who are passionate about bringing great entertainment to the UC Berkeley campus and community.

DeCal Board

The DeCal Board provides student support, outreach, and publicity. We are not responsible for reviewing, approving, or supervising Special Studies courses. The departments and the Academic Senate handle all academic and administrative aspects of DeCal courses. They manage course listings, help facilitators get funding from the ASUC, get publicity, make copies for their course, or simply help them fill out the paperwork, put on pedagogical workshops, connect people to UC FTR resources, and foster an academic dialogue on education.

ASUC Helios Solar Program

The ASUC Helios program works to:
  • Bring renewable energy to students to decrease the cost of living: the cost of living in Berkeley is one of the highest in the country. Providing some savings makes living in Berkeley a little more affordable.
  • Decrease fossil fuel dependence & increase student energy independence: reducing student energy consumption would have a large impact as the City of Berkeley works towards 50% solar energy by 2030 while reducing emissions.
  • Establish a rolling fund for the expansion of renewables to more student: a fraction of the cost savings goes back to Helios while the majority says with the house. The rolling fund will go towards funding more student solar installations.
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