Housing Commission

Contact: housing@asuc.org

Financial Wellness Commission

Contact: financialwellness@asuc.org

ASUC Sustainability Team

Visit their website

Sexual Violence Commission

Contact: sexualviolencecommission@asuc.org

Intimate Partner Violence Commission

Contact: ipvc@asuc.org

Diversity Affairs Commission

Contact: diversityaffairscommission@asuc.org


General Committees (Ad Hoc)  ASUC Enterprises & Strategic Planning Committee Real Estate Student Board ASUC Transfer and Nontraditional Communities Committee ASUC Undocumented Students Committee ASUC Executive and Chief Appointed Officer Committee Student Information Services (SIS) Student Advisory Committee ASUC Campus Safety Committee Undergraduate Academic Representation Committee Zero Waste Student Advisory Committee ASUC Campus Budget Advisory Committee   
General Committees (Permanent)  ASUC Housing Security Fee Committee  Wellness Fee Committee  University Partnership Program Student Advisory Committee  
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