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Name and Number of ResolutionPrimary SponsorDate IntroducedFinal StatusDate of Final ActionDirected Action
SR 21/22-001 Advocacy AgendaASUC8-25-2021Passed9/15/21Establishes the 2021-2022 Advocacy Agenda
SR 21/22-002 1300s Modernization ActAditya Dev Varma9-1-2021Tabled Indefinetly9/1/21
SR 21/22-003 Accountability for ASUC Student Union Undergraduate Board RepresentativesAditya Dev Varma9-1-2021Tabled Indefinetly9/1/22
SR 21/22-004 Simplifying Conservatorship Procedures in ASUCBL 3201Aditya Dev Varma9-1-2021Tabled Indefinetly9/1/23
SR 21/22-005 Oversight and Transparency Modifications to the CASSA Committee CharterAditya Dev Varma9-1-2021Tabled Indefinetly9/1/24
SR 21/22-006 Curing 1407, 3201 Inconsistencies Aditya Dev Varma9-1-2021Tabled Indefinetly9/1/25
SR 21/22-007 Suspending the Designation of Virtual Meetings as Special Meetings for the 2021-22 SessionAditya Dev Varma8-25-2021Passed8/25/2021Suspend ASUCBL 1201 §21.2
SR 21/22-008 Amendments to the Housing Commission CharterMina Han9-1-2021Passed9/15/21Amends bylaw
SR 21/22-009 Formation of a Senate Select Committee to Fill the Vacancy of the Executive Vice PresidencyMina Han9-1-2021Passed9/1/2021Establishing Committee
SR 21/22-010 Legal Office Summer Bylaw Beautification Mina Han9-1-2021Passed9/15/21Amends bylaw
SR 21/22-011 CEAA, Schedule I Aditya Dev Varma9-1-2021Tabled Indefinetly9/1/21
SR 21/22-012 In Support of California and Federal Menstrual Equity Legislation Isabella Romo9-1-2021Passed9/15/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-013 In Solidarity with the People of AfghanistanMehnaz Grewal9-8-2021Passed9/8/2021Takes Stance
SR 21/22-014 CEAA, Schedule IIAditya Dev Varma9-8-2021Tabled Indefinetly
SR 21/22-015 Pell Grant Preservation ActRiya Master9-8-2021Passed9/15/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-016 Senate Special Rule to Move the Week 3 & Week 4 Senate Meeting Time to 8:00 pm Antonio Kobe Lopez9-8-2021Passed9/8/2021Change Meeting Time
SR 21/22-017 Removing Senator Stipend Reductions for Missed Outreach HoursMuzamil Ahmad9-15-2021Passed9/15/21Aemnd bylaw
SR 21/22-018 For Establishment of Goals and Procedures to Combat COVID-19Stephanie Wong10-6-2021Passed10/13/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-019 In Support of U.S. H.R.2590 Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation ActRiya Master10-6-2021Passed10/6/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-020 Establishing the Student Technology Grant CommitteeJames Weichert10-6-2021Passed10/13/21Establishing Committee and Grant
SR 21/22-021 In Support of and Solidarity with Campus LecturersJames Weichert10-6-2021Passed10/13/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-022 Calling for Cogent Data on Disability Studies and ASUC Implementation of Disability Education and Awareness Mehnaz Grewal10-13-21Passed10/20/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-023 Adopting a Special Rule to Move Senate Meetings to 8:00 pm for the Fall Semester Giancarlo Fernandez10-13-21Passed10/20/21Changing meeting Time
SR 21/22-024: Expanding Off-Campus Housing Resources by Partnering with Housing Platform Rent College PadsChaka Tellem10-20-21Passed10/27/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-025 Condemning the Display of the Philippines in South/Southeast Asia Library 50th Anniversary ExhibitStephanie Wong10-20-21Passed10/20/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-026 Amendments to ASUCBL 1115 and 1407 to Bolster Volunteer Form EnforcementMina Han10-27-21Passed11/03/21Amends Bylaws
SR 21/22-027 A Resolution Thanking Megan FoxMina Han10-27-21Passed11/03/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-028 In support of Ending Oil Drilling and Starting a Just Transition in CaliforniaVarsha Madapoosi11-3-21Passed11/10/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-029 In Support of UC Berkeley Including Caste Protections in Their Anti-Discrimination Statement Ashley Rehal11-10-21Passed11/17/21Takes Stance
SR 21/22-030 Establishing the ASUC Health Advocacy Committee Muzamil Ahmad11-17-21Passed12/1/21Establish Ad Hoc Committee
SR 21/22-031 Amending ASUCBL 1201 to Ensure Virtual Access to ASUC MeetingsMina Han11-17-21Passed12/1/21Aemnd bylaw
SR 21/22-032 Creating a More Equitable Penalty for Unexcused Absences and ReportsGabbi Sharp11-17-21Passed12/1/21Aemnd bylaw
SR 21/22-033 Inconsistent COVID-19 Testing, Contact Tracing, and Campus Access Badge Policies on Campus in Conjunction with the City of Berkeley Stephanie Wong12-1-21Withdrawn1/16/22
SR 21/22-034 Adopting a Standing Rule to Move Senate Meetings to 8:00 pmGiancarlo Fernandez1-19-2022Passed1/26/22Senate Starting Time
SR 21/22-035 Calling for the Retirement of the Cogeneration Plant and the Full Electrification of UC Berkeley’s CampusVarsha Madapoosi2-8-22Passed3/3/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-036 Revoking Funding and Support for the Cal IFCMuzamil Ahmad, Kalli Zervas2-8-22Passed3/3/22Establish Operational policy and amend bylaw
SR 21/22-037 In Opposition to an Instructional Resilience and Enhancement Fee as a Course Material and Services FeeJason Dones2-16-22Passed3/3/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-038 In Support of Improving the Accessibility of CPT Credit CoursesAmy Chen2-16-22Passed2/16/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-039 In support of ACA-3, the California Abolition Act, which would amend the California Constitution to abolish slavery and involuntary servitude without exceptionJason Dones2-16-22Passed3/3/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-040 In support of House Concurrent Resolution 19 (H.Con.Res.19) urging the establishment of a United States Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and TransformationJason Dones2-16-22Passed3/3/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-041 In support of House Resolution 40 (H. R. 40), the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans ActJason Dones2-16-22Passed3/3/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-042 In Support of Hybrid Modes of Instruction in Solidarity with Disabled StudentsAmanda Hill2-16-22Passed2/16/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-043 In Support of BSC Lease Renewal to Support Marginalized Students No. 2021/2022Gabbi Sharp3-2-22Passed3/9/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-044 Save the Daily Cal InitiativeGiancarlo Fernandez3-2-22Passed3/9/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-045 Student Technology Fund (STF) Fee ReferendumJason Dones3-2-22
SR 21/22-046 Modification of Judicial Council Rules and ProceduresStephen Dai3-2-22Passed3/9/22Modify JC Rules and Procedures
SR 21/22-047 Temporarily Suspending Sections of ASUCBL 1441 and ASUCBL 2301 to Allow the Chief Financial Officer to Administer ASUC Grants & ScholarshipsHenry F. Isselbacher3-9-22Passed4/6/22suspend grant/scholarship administration duties in ASUCBL 1441 and in ASUCBL 2301
SR 21/22-048 Calling for Ecological and Environmental Action to Address the Growing Population at UC Berkeley Mehnaz Grewal3-9-22Tabled Indefinitely
SR 21/22-049 Calling a Special Election for the Graduate Student Fee Referendum Graduate Assembly3-9-22
SR 21/22-050 Condemning the California Court Decision to Uphold UC Berkeley Enrollment FreezeRiya Master3-16-22Passed3/30/22Takes stance
SR 21/22-051 Petition For Initiating the Impeachment Proceedings of Justice Hannah Smith and Temporarily Suspending Smith From the Judicial CouncilMuzamil Ahmad3-30-22Passed3/30/22Impeachment of Justice
SR 21/22-052 Petition For Initiating the Impeachment Proceedings of Judicial Chair Stephen Dai and Temporarily Suspending Dai From the Judicial CouncilMuzamil Ahmad3-30-22Passed3/30/22Impeachment of Justice
SR 21/22-053 Petition For Initiating the Impeachment Proceedings of Justice Kaitlyn Tran and Temporarily Suspending Tran From the Judicial CouncilMuzamil Ahmad3-30-22Passed3/30/22Impeachment of Justice
SR 21/22-054 Petition For Initiating the Impeachment Proceedings of Justice Krish Desai and Temporarily Suspending Desai From the Judicial CouncilMuzamil Ahmad3-30-22Passed3/30/22Impeachment of Justice
SR 21/22-055 Petition For Initiating the Impeachment Proceedings of Justice Natalie Fulton and Temporarily Suspending Fulton From the Judicial CouncilMuzamil Ahmad3-30-22Passed3/30/22Impeachment of Justice
SR 21/22-056 Petition For Initiating the Impeachment Proceedings of Justice Nicholas Chiara and Temporarily Suspending Chiara From the Judicial CouncilMuzamil Ahmad3-30-22Passed3/30/22Impeachment of Justice
SR 21/22-057 Establishment of a More Transparent and Fair Process of Judicial Nominations as to avoid Judicial “Rigging”Muzamil Ahmad3-30-22Passed3/30/22amends bylaw
SR 21/22-058 In Support of Seamless Transit Transformation Act SB 917Mehnaz Grewal4-6-22Passed4/12/22Takes stance
SR 21/22-059 Extending the Deadline for Commission Chair NominationssEliana Kim4-6-22Passed4/12/22Extend commission chair nomination deadline
SR 21/22-060 Ratifying the ASUC - ATDP Agreement for the Temporary Delegation of SpaceAthalia Djuana4-12-22Passed4/20/22Adopt the Memorandum of Understanding
SR 21/22-061 Ensuring Campus Safety by Improving Safety Training and Safety Measures in UCPDJerry Xu4-12-22Tabled Indefinitely4/27/22
SR 21/22-062 Stance Resolution in Support of STEM Ethics Courses at UC BerkeleySammy Raucher, Jason Dones4-12-22Passed4/27/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-063 Establishing Undergraduate Student Campus Budget Priorities for FY 2022-2023James Weichert4-12-22Passed4/27/22Adopt priorities
SR 21/22-064 Establishing the ASUC Health Advocacy CommissionMuz Ahmad4-20-22Passed4/27/22Establishing Commission
SR 21/22-065 Introducing the Tech & Entrepreneurship Certification to Improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts in Registered Student OrganizationsElif Sensurucu4-20-22Passed4/27/22Establishing bylaw
SR 21/22-066 ASUC FY23 General BudgetHenry F. Isselbacher4-20-22Passed4/27/22approve general budget
SR 21/22-067 Student Technology Grant and Grant Committee Charter ExtensionJames Weichert4-20-22Passed4/27/22extend committee charter
SR 21/22-068 Annual Spaces Allocation, 2022-2023Amber Bui4-20-22Passed4/27/22adopt spaces allocations
SR 21/22-069 In Support of Transparency and a Permanent Ban on the Use of Toxic Herbicides at UC Berkeley & in the UC SystemVarsha Madapoosi4-27-22Passed5/4/22takes Stance
SR 21/22-070 In support of California Senate Bill 1161 (SB-1161 Transit operators: street harassment plans) Developing Plans for Harassment-Free Public TransportationAmy Chen4-27-22Passed4/27/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-071 Endorse Allocating Bear’s Lair Retail Space to the Berkeley Student Food Collective for the 2022-2023 YearVarsha Madapoosi4-27-22Passed5/4/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-072 Increasing Remote or Hybrid Options For Classes in Summer SessionJerry Xu4-27-22Passed5/4/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-073 Creation of a Semesterly Joint-Summit for Committees and CommissionsIsabella Romo4-27-22Tabled Indefinitely5/4/22
SR 21/22-074 In Support of Terminating Contracts with Tyson Foods Inc.ASUC Sustainability Commisson (STeam)4-27-22Tabled Indefinitely5/4/22
SR 21/22-075 In support of the 2022 bargaining demands of Academic Student Employees, Graduate Student Researchers, and Postdoctoral ScholarsVarsha Madapoosi4-27-22Passed5/4/22Takes Stance
SR 21/22-076 Amending ASUCBL 2201 to Add Zoom Webinar Hosting as an ASUC Sponsorship BenefitHenry F. Isselbacher4-27-22Passed5/4/22Amends Bylaw
SR 21/22-077 ASUC Health Advocacy Commission Appointments and Charter Amendments & FY 23 Budget Amendments For This CommissionMuzamil Ahmad5-4-22Passed5/4/22amends bylaw, appoint commission persoanl
SR 21/22-078 Condemn Student Union Vote & Use of Executive Session & Re-Endorse Allocating Bear’s Lair Retail Space to the Berkeley Student Food Collective for the 2022-2023 YearSenator-Elect Mahathi Kandimalla, Senator-Elect Thin Rati Oo7-22-22
SR 21/22-079 Establishing the ASUC Menstrual Equity CommissionIsabella Romo7-22-22Passed
SR 21/22-080 Establishing the ASUC Adhoc Pre-Law CommitteeStephanie Wong7-22-22

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