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Name and Number of ResolutionPrimary SponsorDate IntroducedCommittee(s) AssignedFinal StatusDate of Final ActionSummary of BillAffected GroupsDirected Action
Emergency Order 19/20-001 Modifications to the Executive and Appointed Officer Leadership Institute and Senate Leadership InstituteAmma Sarkodee-Adoo7/27/19Inter-Semester CommitteePassedPassed8/28/19Suspends ASUCBL 1110§3.3, requiring EAOLI to be held the week following spring finals week, until the beginning of fall 2019Executive and Appointed OfficersSuspends bylaw
SR 18/19-001 Advocacy AgendaThe Advocacy Agenda Revision Coordinator9/18/19ExCommPassedPassed10/2/19Establishes the 2019-2020 Advocacy Agenda, an outward-facing document reflecting the primary advocacy goals and chief topics of concern for the ASUCASUCEstablishes 2019-20 Advocacy Agenda
SR 19/20-002 Condemning the Government of India for the Revocation Articles 370 and 35aSumrit Grewal9/4/19ExCommPassedPassed9/11/19Condemns the Indian Government for stripping Jammu and Kashmir of its sovereignty and for human rights violationsASUCTakes stance
SR 19/20-003 Basic Needs Fee Oversight CommitteeNava Bearson9/4/19GovCommPassedPassed9/11/19Establishes ASUCBL 3407: Basic Needs Fee Oversight CommitteeCommittees and CommissionsEstablishes bylaw
SR 19/20-004 Clarifying Judicial Council AppointmentsJedidiah Tsang9/11/19GovCommPassedPassed9/18/19Recognizes the legitimacy of Judicial Council appointments and their term limits. and recognizes four vacant seats to be filled by the 4th regular senate meetingJudicial CouncilRecognizes appointments
SR 19/20-005 In Support of the Climate Walk-out on 9/20/2019Sylvia Targ9/18/19ExCommPassedPassed9/25/19Endorses walk-out of classes on Friday, September 20th to participate in rally to demand climate change actionsASUCEndorsement
SR 19/20-006 In Support of Designating October as Zero Waste MonthSylvia Targ9/18/19ExCommPassedPassed9/25/19Recognizes October as Zero-Waste Month and supports Zero-Waste projectsASUCEndorsement
SR 19/20-007 In Support of the Reduction of Single-Use Plastics at the UCsSylvia Targ9/25/19ExCommPassedPassed10/2/19Supports eliminating all non-essential single-use plastics UC-wideASUCEndorsement
SR 19/20-008 Allocating Contingency Funds for the 2019-2020 YearSumrit Grewal9/25/19Senate FloorPassedPassed10/2/19Reallocates $30,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund and $61,000 from the Emergency Legal Defense Fund, for a total of $91,000, to the Contingency FundSenateReallocates funds
SR 19/20-009 Modifying Requirements for AAVP Grant Evaluation CommitteesAastha Jha10/2/19GovCommPassedPassed10/13/19Amends ASUCBL 2301: AAVP Grants Process to set the minimum and maximum number of senators and students to sit on the Evaluation Committee for each grant.AAVPAmends bylaw
SR 19/20-010 In Support of the Designation of Agricultural and Resource Economics (M.S. & Ph.D) and Public Health Undergraduate Degrees to STEMAndy Theocharous10/2/19ExCommPassedPassed10/16/19Advocates for the reclassification of Agricultural and Resource Economics graduate degree programs and the Public Health undergraduate degree program as STEMAAVP and EVPEndorsement
SR 19/20-011 Regarding the Prosecution of Non-Violent ActivistsLiam Will10/2/19ExCommTabled Indef.Tabled Indef.10/21/19Declares the six individuals being prosecuted in Sonoma County non-violent activists, encourages the Sonoma County District Attorney to dismiss such prosecution or exercise leniency----
SR 19/20-012 In Support of a Commitment by Chancellor Christ to End HungerLiam Will10/2/19ExCommNot PassedNot Passed10/7/19Endorses a commitment by Chancellor Christ to a Zero Hunger campus by 2025----
SR 19/20-013 Condemning the RSF’s Defunding of the No Limits Program and Encouraging the Wellness Fund Committee to Reject RSF’s Proposals and Withhold Current Funding Unless They Agree to Immediately Fund the No Limits ProgramLiam Will10/2/19ExCommTabled Indef.Tabled Indef.10/21/19Condemns the RSF's defunding of the No Limits Program, supports the proposed revisions to the Wellness Fund Committee proposal----
SR 19/20-014 Affirming Protections for Non-Human AnimalsLiam Will10/2/19ExCommNot PassedNot Passed10/7/19Encourages investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty in commercial animal operations, affirms protection of animals----
SR 19/20-015 Encouraging the Campus Administration to Strengthen their Support & Publicization of the Blue & Gold YearbookLiam Will10/2/19ExCommNot PassedNot Passed10/7/19Encourages the campus administration to strengthen their support of the Blue & Gold Yearbook through GBO and the Koret Visitor Center----
SR 19/20-016 Condemning Kiwi Campus for its Exploitation of Underpaid Colombian WorkersRomario10/16/19ExCommTabled Indef.Tabled Indef.10/21/19Condemns Kiwi Campus for profiting off of the labor of underpaid employees in Colombia in its operation of KiwiBots, calls for Kiwi Campus to immediately increase the wages of all its employees to a living wage----
SR 19/20-017 In Support of the EATS Act Expanding SNAP Eligibility Among College StudentsVarsha Sarveshwar10/16/19ExCommPassedPassed10/16/19Endorses the EATS Act introduced by Representative Gomez and encourages implementation of the legislation's proposed changesASUCEndorsement
SR 19/20-018 In Opposition to USDA Rule-Making on SNAP Broad Based Categorical EligibilityVarsha Sarveshwar10/16/19ExCommPassedPassed10/16/19Endorses the comment made by the Office of the External Affairs Vice President opposing the proposed USDA regulationsASUCEndorsement
SR 19/20-019 Calling Upon the City and Campus to End the Lawsuit Over the Upper Hearst Project's Supplemental Environmental Impact ReportVarsha Sarveshwar10/16/19ExCommPassedPassed10/16/19Calls upon the Campus to increase its annual contribution to City services, especially fire and paramedics, finance renovations and infrastructure improvements, work collaboratively with the City of Berkeley to end the lawsuit so the Upper Hearst Project can move forwardCampus, City of BerkeleyCall to Action
SR 19/20-020 Establishing the ASUC Budget CommitteeAndy Theocharous10/16/19GovCommEstablishes a formal Budget Committee----
SR 19/20-021 In Support of a Formal Bereavement PolicyDerek Imai, Nava Bearson10/30/19ExCommPassedPassed11/6/19Supports the implementation of a bereavement policy modeled off the Grief Absence Policy for Students (GAPS)Academic SenateEndorsement
SR 19/20-022 Interim Fall Semester Spaces Allocation 2019-2020Andy Theocharous10/30/19GovComm and FiCommPassedPassed11/6/19Allocates 7 Eshleman half cubicles to 7 RSOs not included in ABSARSOsSpace Allocation
SR 19/20-23 Supporting the University of California Divestment of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna KeaSylvia Targ11/6/19ExCommTabled Indef.Tabled Indef.11/18/19Supports the inclusion of Indigenous voices to seekethical and inclusive science in research projects----
SR 19/20-024 In Support of Demanding the University to Expand the Number of Mental Health Resources on SyllabiSumrit Grewal11/13/19ExCommSupports the inclusion of mental health on syllabi along with repeated reminders about said resources over the course of the semester
SR 19/20-025 Improve and Institutionalize Diversity and Allyship TrainingOmotara Oloye11/13/19GovCommUpdates the ASUCBL to better represent the values of the ASUC and to improve and institutionalize diversity training
SR 19/20-026 In Support of A Fair Contract for Non-Academic Senate FacultyAmma Sarkodee-Adoo11/13/19ExCommSupports UC-AFT organizers and members in their collective action for fair wages and benefits.
SR 19/20-027 In Support of Reducing Herbicide Chemicals on CampusSylvia Targ11/20/19ExCommPassedPassed12/4/19Supports push for an organic campus and commitment to stop using herbicides containing Prop 65 listed chemicalsCampusEndorsement
SR 19/20-028 Condemning Kiwi Campus for its Low Compensation of Colombian WorkersRomario11/20/19ExCommPassedPassed12/4/19Condemns Kiwi Campus for its treatment of underpaid Colombian workersKiwi CampusTakes stance
SR 19/20-029 Establishing ASUC-Wide Town HallsHaazim Amirali12/4/19GovCommAmends bylaws ASUC 1205, ASUCBL 1302, ASUCBL 1303, ASUCBL 1304, ASUCBL 1305, and ASUCBL 1306: Establishes a semesterly ASUC-wide Town Hall as a forum for open discussion with the student body, with the mandatory attendance of all Senators in the Fall and all Executives in the SpringASUCAmends bylaw
SR 19/20-030 Condeming the University's Lack of Action on Campus Climate for Black StudentsOmotara Oloye12/4/19ExCommCalls upon the Campus to act on the findings of the Campus Climate Hearing to improve the state of representational equity at the University for black studentsCampusEndorsement
SR 19/20-031 Encouraging Effective Senator Town HallsHaazim Amirali12/4/19GovCommAmends ASUCBL 1205: Institutes a stipend reduction to encourage Senators to hold town halls pursuant to the requirements outlined in Communications-003 Outreach PolicyASUCAmends bylaw
SR 19/20-032 Condemning Bears for Palestine for Their Display in Eshleman Hall Glorifying Violent TerroristsMilton Zerman12/4/19ExCommNot PassedNot PassedCondemns the Bears for Palestine's display in Eshleman Hall for glorifying violent terrorists and asks for the removal or alteration of the displayCampusTakes stance
SR 19/20-033 In Support of a Contract between the Association and the NYT and the WSJAndy Theocharous12/4/19GovComm, ExComm, FiCommPassedPassed1/22/20Approves the contract with The New York Times and outlines the split of finances between the Graduate Assembly and the ASUCCampusApproves contract
SR 19/20-034 Approving a Contract with The Wall Street JournalAndy Theocharous1/3/19Inter-semester CommitteePassedPassed1/22/20Approves the contract with The Wall Street Journal, with the costs split such that the ASUC and Graduate Assembly each finance $17,531.69 and $5,843.89 respectivelyCampusApproves contract
SR 19/20-035 Election Violation ReformJames Weichert1/29/20GovCommAmends ASUC bylaw 4203: Clarifies the powers of the elections prosecutor to ensure consistent and transparent applications of elections bylaws to address violationsASUC ElectionsAmends bylaw
SR 19/20-036 Minor Bylaw RevisionsJames Weichert1/29/20GovCommAmends ASUC bylaw 4201, 4202, 4204, 4207, 4104, 4106: Clarifies various provisions of elections bylaws, accounts of textual inconsistencies, includes preferred gender pronouns and the ballot, and corrects minor grammatical and formatting errors throughout the documentationCampus, ASUCAmends bylaw
SR 19/20-037 Condemning Partnership with Dignity HealthRomario2/5/20ExComm
SR 19/20-038 In Support of Gender Neutralizing Bathrooms on CampusRomario2/5/20ExComm
SR 19/20-039 Calling Upon the ASUC to Endorse Measures E, G, and H to Strengthen the City of Berkeley’s Public SchoolsVarsha Sarveshwar2/5/20ExComm
SR 19/20-040 In Support of Terminating PepsiCo Pouring RightsSylvia Targ2/12/20ExComm
SR 19/20-041 Establishing the ASUC Budget CommitteeAndy Theocharous2/12/20GovComm
SR 19/20-042 In Support of Providing Funding for Security Cameras and Door Alarms for Eshleman 312 and Hearst CagesAndy Theocharous2/12/20ExComm, FiComm
SR 19/20-043 In Support of Proposition 13, the School and College Facilities Bond, on the March 2020 BallotVarsha Sarveshwar2/19/20
SR 19/20-044 Creating the Better Elections Reform Committee as a Temporary Ad Hoc CommitteeJames Weichert2/19/20
SR 19/20-045 Resolving Countback Tabulation IrregularitiesJames Weichert2/19/20

*Data has been truncated for brevity. Further details on senate resolutions can be found from the data source.

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