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Name and Number of ResolutionPrimary SponsorDate IntroducedFinal StatusDate of Final ActionSummary of BillAffected GroupsDirected Action
SR 20/21-001 Advocacy AgendaASUC Senate09/02/20Passed09/16/20Establishes the 2020-2021 Advocacy Agenda, an outward-facing document reflecting the primary advocacy goals and chief topics of concern for the ASUCASUCEstablishes the 2020-2021 Advocacy Agenda
SR 20/21-002 Legal Office Summer Bylaw BeautificationAthalia Djuhana08/26/20Passed9/2/20Amends a number of bylaws to "beautify" the Governing Documents and ensure the the effectiveness and coherence of the ASUC’s operations are dictated by the Governing DocumentsASUCAmends bylaws
SR 20/21-003 Enacting Volunteer Form Enforcement and Proliferation For ASUC VolunteersAthalia Djuhana08/26/20Passed9/2/20Amends ASUC BL 1407, 2151, 1115, and 1404 to institutionalize the volunteer form as a critical aspect of ASUC volunteership in order to best protect the Association but also our volunteersASUCAmends bylaws
SR 20/21-004 Reforming the Community Endorsement Process for ASUC ElectionsJames Weichert08/26/20Withdrawn8/26/20--
SR 20/21-005 Resolution in Support of Parenting Students and Affirming their DemandsValerie Johnson08/26/20Withdrawn8/26/20--
SR 20/21-006 Suspending the Designation of Virtual Meetings as Special Meetings for the 2020-21 SessionMelvin Tangonan08/26/20Passed8/26/20Suspends bylaws to provide explicit consent for all virtual and electronically teleconferenced Senate and Committee meetings governed by the purview of ASUCBL 1201 to be considered ‘regular meetings’ for the duration of the 2020-2021 Senate session.ASUCSuspends bylaws
SR 20/21-007 In Support of Proposition 16 and the Repeal of Proposition 209, on the November 2020 BallotChaka Tellem09/02/20Passed09/09/20Endorses proposition 16 to reinstate equal opportunity programs (Affirmative Action programs) in California, and if passed would repeal Proposition 209 on the November 2020 Ballot.ASUCTakes stance
SR 20/21-008 Reforming the Community Endorsement Process for ASUC ElectionsNicole Anyanwu09/02/20Tabled
SR 20/21-009 In support of re-funding the PATH to Care CenterRonit Sholkoff09/02/20Passed09/16/20Asks for full, sustained, and protected funding from the university for the PATH to Care Center in order to create a campus free from violence and maintain the strength of the Center for years to come.CampusTake Stance
SR 20/21-010 Amending ASUC Basic Needs Fee Oversight Committee BylawsJoyce Huchin08/26/20Passed9/2/20Amends ASUC BL 3409 to establish a timeline for the appointment of committee members, specify operating procedures for the Committee, and specify a process for the adoption or amendment of committee bylawsBasic Needs Fee Oversight CommitteeAmends bylaws
SR 20/21-011 In Support of the Creation of a MEMSSA - SSWANA Resource CenterAasim Yahya09/09/20Passed09/16/20Asks the ASUC to recognize and declare support for the opening of the MEMSSA - SSWANA Resource Center in order to enhance resources or services to the greater community at largeCampusTake Stance
SR 20/21-012 A Resolution in Support of Parenting Students and Affirming Their DemandsValerie Johnson09/09/20Passed09/16/20Asks the ASUC to recognize and call on the University to recognize that parenting student hardships linked to the current pandemic are multifaceted, and must be addressed from various positions that intersect housing, academic support, basic needs, and wellnessParenting studentsTake Stance
SR 20/21-013 In Opposition to Mandatory Camera Policies for Distance LearningNicole Anyanwu09/16/20Passed9/16/20Asks the ASUC to require professors to suspend all class policies that penalize students for not using their web cameras and to urge the Center for Learning and Teaching to train the professors to augment student engagement.CampusTakes stance
SR 20/21-014 In Support of Integrating Ethnic Studies into the University of California A-G Admissions RequirementsNicole Anyanwu09/23/20Passed9/30/20Aks the ASUC to endorse AGES (A-G Ethnic Studies)in implementing Ethnic Studies into University of California Admissions Requirements for high schools and emphasizing the importance of supporting high school students in establishing anti-racist educationASUCTakes stance
SR 20/21-015 In Support of Creating A Risk Manager Position for RSOsRuchi Shah09/23/20Tabled Indefinitely
SR 20/21-016 In support of deeming Election Day a non-instructional holidayRonit Sholkoff09/23/20Passed9/30/20Asks the ASUC to request the Univeristy to deem November 3rd, Election Day, a non-instructional holiday.CampusTakes stance
SR 20/21-017 In support of the Creation of a Standardized Code for the Use and Management of Religious Texts in LibrariesAasim Yahya09/23/20Passed10/7/20Asks the ASUC to call upon all UC Berkeley libraries that contain religious texts, scripture, hymns, and recordings to be handled and treated with the utmost respect and care, and to author a recommended standardized code for handling.ASUCTakes stance
SR 20/21-018 Reintroducing the E&AO Committee CharterAthalia Djuhana09/23/20Passed9/30/20ASUC should adopt the charter and initialize it as an additional bylaw in 3400 as 3418 because the charter bylaws are not found in the 3400 folderASUCAmends bylaws
SR 20/21-019 Placing the DeCal Board into ASUC ConservatorshipMelvin Tangonan09/30/20Passed10/7/20The ASUC should ratify the DeCal Program’s placement into ASUC Conservatorship pursuant to ASUCBL 3201 and 3205, also, appoint the 4 listed individuals as the conservators for the DeCal board.ASUCRatifies conservatorship
SR 20/21-020 Reaffirming the Association’s Dedication to Upholding Civil RightsNaomi Garcia09/30/20Passed10/7/20Asks the ASUC to reaffirm its dedication to protecting the campus and communities’ marginalized populations, and to urge the UC office to release a statement reaffirming their commitment to advocating for all UC's students.ASUCTakes stance
SR 20/21-021 In Opposition of the Proposed Change of Admission Period Structure for F, J and I Nonimmigrants by The Department of Homeland SecuritySamuel Peng09/30/20Passed9/30/20ASUC should dissaprove any attempt to undermine international students and exchange visitors’ lawful rights and opportunities or their academic pursuits in institutions across the United State and voice opposition against the proposed rule by submitting formal comments on the Federal Register websiteASUCTakes stance
SR 20/21-022 Amending ASUCBL 2309: Greek Opportunity Grant for Addition of Scholarships and Wider RepresentationMichael Savides10/07/20
SR 20/21-023 In Support of Completing the United States CensusNaomi Garcia10/07/20Passed10/14/20Asks the ASUC to encourage students, community members, and their families to fill out the United States Census, also to acknowledge the importance and impact of Census dataASUCTakes stance
SR 20/21-024 Establishing the ASUC Disabled Students CommissionNaomi Garcia and Liam Will10/07/20Passed10/14/20ASUC should dissolve the ASUC Disabled Student Ad-Hoc Committee and establish the ASUC Disabled Students Commission pursuant to ASUCBL 3301.ASUCEstablishing Comission
SR 20/21-025 In Opposition to UC Berkeley’s Austerity Measure LayoffsDerek Imai10/07/20Passed10/14/20Asks the ASUC to condemn the austerity layoffs that the UC Berkeley administration has taken during the COVID-19 outbreak, compel the administration to rehire and maintain all staff that has lost their livelihood due to these austerity measures, and review any increase in austerity layoffsASUCTakes stance
SR 20/21-026 Calling Upon the ASUC to Endorse Measures FF, II, JJ, KK and MMDerek Imai10/14/20Passed10/21/20ASUC should endorse Measures FF, II, JJ, KK, and MM to increase medical service, to reform police oversight, to ensure locally elected officials can fully serve their tenure under fair compensation, ensure Berkeley’s ability to effectively fight fires, and to ensure that all major housing complexes in Berkeley have the same and equal protections for all tenantsASUCEndorsement
SR 20/21-027 In Support of Survivors affected by Sexual Harassment and Sexual ViolenceMateo Torrico10/14/20Passed10/28/20Asks the ASUC to condemns any and all instances of sexual harassment and violence within the Association and commits to cultivate an environment free from harm and create a safer space for survivors, also to support all the survivors.ASUCTakes stance
SR 20/21-028 In Support of the Establishment of “Go Local” Program at University of California, BerkeleySamuel Peng10/14/20Passed10/21/20Asks the ASUC to expand upon the existing UCEAP and other study abroad programs to accommodate international students and students who are currently abroad, build partnerships with universities around the globe, and to adopt an official position in support of a “Go Local” Program and actively advocate for it.ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-029 In Support of Safe Parking for Car Dwelling StudentsNaomi Garcia10/21/20Passed10/28/20Asks the ASUC to encourages UC Berkeley Administration to formally comment on the issue of safe parking, support car dwelling individuals and make tangible moves towards supporting car dwelling students.ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-030 In support of Terminating PepsiCo Pouring RightsSarah Bancroft10/21/20Passed10/28/20Asks the ASUC to demand the University upholds its commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and ethical business practices by ending this contract with PepsiCo indefinitely.ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-031 Establishing the Risk Management Position Committee as an Ad-Hoc CommitteeRuchi Shah10/21/20Passed11/4/20The ASUC should ratify the creation of the Risk Management Position Committee and appoint Apoorva Prakash as the acting Chair and Ruchi Shah as the acting Vice Chair of the CommitteeASUCCreate Committee
SR 20/21-032 In Support of Solutions to Restricted Network Access for Students Residing Outside of the United StatesRex Zhang10/21/20Passed10/28/20Asks the ASUC to call upon the university to recognizes restricted network and the ineffectiveness of current network service for students, and to come up with a solution for such an issue. ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-033 In Support of the Allocation of T1 Bonds, for the Restoration and Beautification of the Piedmont Avenue Traffic CircleMateo Torrico10/28/20Passed10/28/20Asks the ASUC to Support the allocation of Phase 2 funds, generated from the T1 Measure, for the restoration of the Piedmont Avenue Traffic Circle.ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-034 In Support of California Proposition 18 and in Opposition to Proposition 20 on the November 2020 BallotDerek Imai10/28/20Passed11/4/20Asks the ASUC to endorse California Proposition 18 and oppose California Proposition 20 for the November 2020 Ballot.ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-035 In Support of California Proposition 15, 17, and 21 on the November 2020 BallotDerek Imai10/28/20Passed11/4/20Asks the ASUC to endorse California Proposition 15,17, and 21 for the November 2020 Ballot.ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-036 Advancing Student Civic Participation and Institutionalizing Voter Engagement, UC Chaka Tellem10/28/20Passed11/4/20Asks the ASUC to collaborate with the Office of External Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs to maximize civic engagement, and to urge the university to include civic learning courses as part of their general education requirements, and deem Election Day a non-instructional holiday.ASUC, CampusTakes Stance
SR 20/21-037 Amending 1431Athalia Djuhana11/18/20Passed12/2/20The ASUC should amend 1431 to list the Accountability Officer as the acting officer who shall appoint the interim CPO in the case that the CPO position is vacantASUCAmends Bylaw
SR 20/21-038 For the Creation of a Position under the Office of the ASUC Chief Personnel Officer to Support Implementation of ASUC Senate LegislationAasim Yahya11/18/20Tabled
SR 20/21-039 In Support of Extending the University of California Application Deadline for the 2021-2022 Admissions CycleAasim Yahya11/18/20Passed12/2/20Asks the ASUC to help with extending the application deadline from November 30, 2020 until at least December 15, 2020.ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-040 Amending ASUCBL 1230 To Reflect Internal Consistency with the Intent and Purpose of POLICY-006Melvin Tangonan11/18/20Passed12/2/20The ASUC should amend ASUCBL 1230 to add an Executive Vice President update during ISC meetings on the status of ratification for all resolutions passed under the jurisdiction of the ISC.ASUCAmend Bylaw
SR 20/21-041 Implementation of Nomination Process from CASSA into 1421 ASUC Student Union Board of Directors Undergraduate MembersAthalia Djuhana11/18/20Passed01/04/21
SR 20/21-042 Re-Establishing the ASUC International Student CommissionRex Zhang11/18/20Passed01/04/21
SR 20/21-043 In Support of the Incorporation of Xenophobia Prevention Trainings in the New Student Services ProgramsSamuel Peng11/18/20Passed12/2/20Asks the ASUC to recognize the harmful nature of xenophobic incidents and to incorporate xenophobia prevention training in new student programsASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-044 In Support of Enhancing Students’ Access to Campus Events Through Online Recordings and PublicityRex Zhang11/18/20Passed12/2/20Asks the ASUC to call upon campus event and workshop organizers to record the events if possible and provide public access for all students in needASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-045 In Support of Alternative Course Participation Practices As a Substitute for Mandatory Attendance RequirementRex Zhang11/18/20Passed12/2/20Asks the ASUC to urge the campus to discourage mandatory synchronous participation or attendance requirements and incentivize faculty to adapt alternative asynchronous participation practices to accommodate student needs.ASUC, campusTakes Stance
SR 20/21-046 Amending the Housing Security Fee Committee CompositionJulia Castro11/18/20Passed12/2/20Amending ASUCBL 3404, the Housing Security Fee Committee Composition.ASUCAmends Bylaw
SR 20/21-047 In Opposition of the Administration's Decision to End Temporary Protected StatusAlexis Aguilar11/18/20Passed12/2/20Asks the ASUC to express its strong opposition to the termination of TPS and calls on the Department of Homeland Security to continue supporting refugees and immigrants escaping humanitarian and environmental crises.ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-048 Condemning the Department of Homeland Security’s Attack on Black Immigrants in Detention CentersAlexis Aguilar11/18/20Passed12/2/21Asks the ASUC to condemn the Department of Homeland Security’s lack of transparency and injustices being curtailed on Black immigrants in detention centers, and provide institutional support for immigrant students on campus and the broader immigrant community.ASUCTakes Stance
SR 20/21-049 Adjusting CASSA Funding Contractual Requirements for the 2020-2021 Fiscal YearMelvin Tangonan12/02/20Passed12/2/22The ASUC should agree and certify the adjustment of the Student Union’s financial revenue obligations to not be met during the 2021 fiscal yearASUCAdjusting Agreement
SR 20/21-050 Affirming Waiver of CASSA Funding Contractual Requirements in Line with SR 20/21-049Melvin Tangonan01/04/21Passed01/04/21
SR 20/21-051 Establishing the ASUC Legal Clinic As an ASUC Chartered ProgramAthalia Djuhana01/20/21
SR 20/21-052 Amending ASUCBL 2309: Greek Opportunity Grant for Greater Support of CalGreeks Affiliate OrganizationsMichael Savides01/20/21

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