How do I start a student organization?

Want to know if there is a student organization for your interest? Trying to start your own student organization? Check out the LEAD Center’s Get Involved page.

Why register as a student organization?

All student organizations, both new and returning, are required to register with the LEAD Center once per academic year. New student organizations must apply to be registered with the university through the LEAD Center. Applications will be considered during the first four weeks of every semester. If any organization, both new and returning, does not register their student organization, benefits such as accessing financial accounts and reserving campus space are “frozen”. Learn more about the registration process and deadlines on the LEAD Center’s website here.

What does it mean to be ASUC sponsored? What are the benefits?

Once registered with the LEAD Center, student organizations have the ability to apply for an additional level of recognition: ASUC Sponsorship. This opportunity is available to both undergraduate and graduate student organizations. Benefits include:

  • Eligibility to apply for ASUC Funding (both through the annual spring budgeting process and, year round, through special funds and grants e.g. space reservation funds and AAVP grants)
  • Eligibility to apply for office and storage space
  • An on-campus mailing address

To apply for ASUC Sponsorship and/or funding, please fill out the form on the ASUC Senate’s CalLink page. Please note this form is only available during the fall and spring semesters when the Senate is in session.

How can I tell if my student organization is ASUC sponsored?

A list of ASUC chartered programs, sponsored student organizations, along with their allocations, can be found here.

What are the different requirements for registering as a new or returning organization?

The LEAD Center’s registration process recognizes that new and returning student organizations have different needs. Learn more about the different process and deadlines for new or returning organizations here.

Where can I find a list of registered student organizations?

A complete list of all registered student organizations can be found here.

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