April 19th, 2019

ASUC Executive and Appointed Officers Committee

The ASUC Executive and Appointed Officers Committee, comprised of the five ASUC Executive Officials and the five Appointed Officials, affirms our support for President Alexander Wilfert’s emergency order issued on April 19th.


Given the situation that has ensued since the Judicial Council’s ruling on April 15th, the Executive and Appointed Officers Committee believes it is extremely important to take immediate action that will restore confidence in the ASUC’s institutional procedures and governing bodies. By creating a Senate Select Committee that will appoint an impartial Elections Council and Judicial Council, the emergency order will be able to foster trust in the ASUC’s judicial processes and take decisive, actionable measures to address the current situation.


The ASUC’s leadership also reiterates our earlier statement on April 16th that we denounce any personal threats and hateful language that have been directed to our officials, both elected and appointed. For any student to feel threatened while conducting their responsibilities within student government is unacceptable.


We will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure a resolution that preserves the ASUC’s institutional integrity and produces an outcome that is fair, legitimate and in the best interests of the UC Berkeley student body.


Hung Huynh, Executive Vice President

Nuha Khalfay, External Affairs Vice President

Melany Amarikwa, Academic Affairs Vice President

Sophie Bandarkar, Student Advocate

Claire Goudy, Chief Legal Officer

Gregory Reich, Interim Chief Financial Officer

Ilene Kung, Chief Personnel Officer

Ken Lohatepanont, Chief Communications Officer

Leon Ming, Interim Chief Technology Officer



Download a PDF version of this statement here.

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