Aileen Sanchez
Transfer Students, Belonging, Accessibility, Retention, Transfer Housing
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The Transfer Student Representative is the official voice of transfer students within the ASUC.

I am a fourth-year transfer student from Imperial Valley College (Region X). I was born and raised in a transborder community in Calexico California and Mexicali, Baja California simultaneously. Being a Latina, first-generation, and low-income transfer student makes me want to improve the collegiate experience for future generations to come. When I transferred to Cal, I realized the contrasts and the scarcities transfer students have to connect with the immense campus resources.
As part of the transfer student representative office, I want to focus on advocating for transfer students to make our transition smoother, accessible, and enjoyable. This year my office will focus on having more equitable spaces, and representation, and creating a sense of belonging for our prospective and current transfer students.





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