Ariana Kretz
100% University Compliance with the ADA, A Restorative Conduct Process, Housing Justice, Comprehensive Financial Aid, Supportive Academic Policies, An Anti-Racist Campus


The Student Advocate offers representation and advice to any student or group involved in a dispute with the University.

I am a fourth year student majoring in Ethnic Studies and Global Studies. I joined SAO in the fall of my freshman year as a caseworker in the Financial Aid division. I later worked as the Financial Aid Policy Coordinator and then as Chief of Staff. Much of my work has been focused on basic needs justice through managing the Rental Assistance Fund and Students with Dependents Fund. This year, I hope to advocate for student-centered academic and administrative processes and financial justice resources. My focus will be on enhancing the one-on-one casework services SAO provides for students navigating academic, financial aid, conduct, or grievance resolution processes.





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