Bright and early on the morning of Sunday, September 30, members of the various ASUC offices gathered for the ASUC Conference. The conference, only in its third year, represents the only time in the year where the entire ASUC come together for a day to learn more about the institution, share ideas and meet people from other offices.

The morning began with some logistics and informative sessions before breaking off into group activities that forced officers and interns alike to think critically about ASUC issues and a networking rotation that allowed attendees to meet the senators working on issues that they are passionate about. As is natural for an event still in a developmental phase, some saw room for improvement amongst the positives. Office of the CCO Chief of Staff Morgan Brown says she appreciated the discussion groups and felt that it was “important for newcomers” as a way to get introduced to the ASUC as a whole.

President Alexander Wilfert gives the State of the Association speech.

After a short lunch break was the first ever Appointed Officials Summit. During this summit, members of the Communications, Legal and Personnel offices came together in an effort to facilitate cross-office projects. Together, members discussed important measures like policy transparency that are more difficult to implement in an individual office setting and formed relationships for future collaboration. 

Ilene Kung, Director of Leadership Development in the ASUC Office of the Chief Personnel Officer, said: “I was so excited to see our new and continuing members get to know and make friends with each other during the conference. The conference really strengthened the bond within the ASUC. I’m thankful to every participant for coming!”

This article was written by Bryan Huang.

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