Creating change on campus is hard. That’s why we need you with us. Here’s the chance to learn more about what it’s like to work in one of the nation’s largest, oldest and most autonomous student governments.

The ASUC will be holding two info-sessions, in the ASUC Senate Chambers (5th floor Eshleman Hall) on two dates:

⭐ Thursday, January 31 8-9:30pm
⭐ Friday, February 1 8-9:30pm

We’ll be:
⭐ Helping you make sense of the ASUC’s structure
⭐ Pointing you towards opportunities fit for you
⭐ Discussing our internship program
⭐ Giving out free merchandise!

Unsure about whether to come? Check out and maybe it’ll give you a nudge.

Ready to apply? Go to We’ll see you soon!

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