Lanah Duque
Pilipinx Community, Greater BIPOC Solidarity, Mental Wellness Resources, SVSH Prevention and Reform, Improve Accessibility & Awareness of ASUC Resources
Gabe looks dashing wearing a black suit and red tie. He's standing in front of bright green foliage, and we can make out the faintest outline of a modern building in the background.


Hey community!!! My name is Lanah, I’m majoring in Political Science and Media Studies with a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies. I am so honored and excited to serve as an ASUC Senator for the Pilipinx Community and the greater campus. Our Office has various projects and initiatives planned in collaboration with our nine Pil orgs and the UPO (Undergraduate Pilipinx Organizers) including our community Slack, website, and meetings. We strive to support and uplift the efforts of the many organizations on campus that work to improve the student experience for marginalized communities.




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