Kailen Grottel-Brown
Housing Advocacy; Financial Wellness; Technology, Innovation, and Engineering; Mental Wellness; Out-of-State and International Students; Pre-Graduate Resources (Law and Business); Student Safety and Special Projects
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Kailen is a second-year undergraduate student studying political science and economics, with a minor in public policy. Prior to being elected Senator, Kailen served as Legislative & Academic and Mental Health Coordinator; Legislative Director for two different Senate offices respectively; and Executive Director of Operations and Finance for the Executive Vice President of the ASUC.

As Senator, Kailen focuses on a range of issues, from support for out-of-state and international students to advocacy for greater financial literacy education. He advocates for more housing, technology, innovation, and engineering, as well as mental wellness and pre-graduate resources in the legal and business fields. Kailen’s office is also engaged in additional projects, from increasing transportation accessibility to inclusivity in campus organizations and technology inequity. Kailen has also formed two distinct task forces: the Financial Literacy Task Force, created in December 2021, aimed at increasing financial education through the implementation of a campus-wide accessible course, and more recently, the Student Safety Task Force, geared at addressing student safety issues and collective, community care.

Outside of the ASUC, you might find Kailen on the courts playing tennis, taking a bike ride with friends to the Berkeley marina, or spending too much money on Chipotle.





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