Chief Legal Officer

Jedidiah Tsang



The Chief Legal Officer is responsible for the ASUC’s legal affairs, governing documents, and elections.

Jedidiah (Jedi) is a second year studying Political Science and Computer Science from San Jose, California. Prior to his involvement as Chief Legal Officer in the ASUC, he interned in CLO Claire Goudy’s office for a semester, moving on to serve as the Elections Prosecutor for the 2019 ASUC Elections. When he’s not in Eshleman, he spends the majority of his time hanging out with his Christian fellowship or the other ASUC Appointed Officials. Some of his goals for this year include improvement of institutional memory by hyperlinking Senate Resolutions to the governing documents, internal structural reform surrounding each of the 1000 series in the bylaws, and helping to facilitate the advocacy of bodies within the Association.





Deputy Chief Legal Officer

Alexandria Marx

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ASUC Bylaws, Governance, Elections

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The Chief Legal Officer is a constitutional officer responsible for the ASUC’s legal affairs, governing documents, and elections. The ASUC Office of Legal Affairs supports the CLO in developing and implementing various projects related to corporate affairs, policy, elections preparation, and communications. The Office of Legal Affairs will work closely with the Senate, Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Accountability Officer

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