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Jeremiah Kim



Jeremiah Kim is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Media Studies. Having been involved in the Berkeley Dance Community since his first semester at Cal, Jeremiah has taken on several different leadership roles such as: Campaign Manager for ASUC Senator Karina Sun, Chief of Staff for ASUC Senator Karina Sun, Marketing Chair and Vice Executive of AFX Dance, Director of an AFX team, etc. He has shown his dedication and versatility within the dance community by having participated in 5+ dance organizations as well as 16+ teams. Although the dance community fosters a sense of belonging for many students, the sheer size of the community introduces its own set of problems. As a current ASUC senator, Jeremiah hopes to build unity within the dance community, further relations between performing arts groups, Cal Performances, and campus admin, and provide and improve upon resources for RSOs in order to maintain sustainability.





Chief of Staff

Sheena Dichoso Echano

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Berkeley Dance Community, Unity within BDC, Furthering Relations with Cal Performances and Cal Admin, Augmenting Practice Spaces, Improving Upon RSO Resources.

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