Elections Council Chair




The Elections Council aims to provide an equitable election for the students of UC Berkeley, while also aiming to create a safe space for candidates to run. It’s our job to ensure that all candidates get equal opportunities to run and to provide an accessible platform for students to vote for their representatives.

Hi there! I’m a fourth-year majoring in Political Economy and am interested in data science. I was first involved with the ASUC as an intern with the Elections Council, under the auditor. Since then, I have progressed from Elections Auditor and finally to Elections Council Chair. I am honored to be the Elections Council Chair for a second year, and I hope to make the elections process smoother and less stressful for students. I am passionate about community service and believe that being part of the Elections Council allows me to serve my local community, this campus. Besides my ASUC work, I love to paint and binge watch The Office. If you’d like to reach out to, please feel free to email me at electionschair@asuc.org.