Elections Council Chair




The Elections Council aims to provide an equitable election for the students of UC Berkeley, while also aiming to create a safe space for candidates to run. It’s our job to ensure that all candidates get equal opportunities to run and to provide an accessible platform for students to vote for their representatives.

Hi y’all! My name is James and I’m a first year studying Computer Science and Data Science with a minor in Public Policy. I am honored to serve as the ASUC Elections Council Chair for the 2020 ASUC Election. I’m passionate about student government and am proud of the work the Elections Council does to uphold the integrity of the ASUC elections process and to ensure that students have a voice at the table. Outside of the ASUC, I enjoy reading, cooking, and watching Netflix. If you’d like to reach out to, please feel free to email me at electionschair@asuc.org.

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