Derek Imai
Government Relations, Politics and Policies, System-Wide Campaigns, UCSA, Tuition, Affordable Housing, Affirmative Action, Title IX


The EAVP represents the ASUC on issues external to the campus and the association.

Derek Imai serves as the ASUC External Affairs Vice President. His office is responsible for the ASUC’s advocacy efforts before UC leadership, City Hall, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C. Some initiatives that his office will be working on this year will be, but are not limited to: advocating for affordable housing, stopping tuition hikes, voter engagement, closing out Census 2020 outreach, advocating for affirmative action, and community-based organizing. A fourth-year Public Health major and Public Policy minor, Derek is more than excited to enter his term applying the knowledge gained from being a former ASUC Senator, City of Berkeley Community Health Commissioner, and former health policy intern for the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO). If you don’t see him on the fourth floor of Eshleman Hall, he will most likely be on a boba and/or cold-brew coffee run, playing board games with friends, dancing terribly to pop music, or cooking Japanese food. He can be contacted at





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