Henry F. Isselbacher
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The Office of the Chief Financial Officer strives for transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Henry F. Isselbacher is a junior studying economics and public health with a minor in public policy. He has been involved with the ASUC since the beginning of his freshman year, spending time writing legislation in a Senate office, as the Deputy Chief Legal Officer, and even as the Senate Vice Chair before beginning his term as Chief Financial Officer. He is now entering his second term as CFO and also serves as Chair of the ASUC Student Union Board of Directors. Outside of the ASUC, Henry is involved the Sigma Alpha Nu pre-law Fraternity and he is a uGSI in the Economics department. He’s always on the hunt for good smoothie, too! As CFO, Henry’s primary focus is on increasing financial transparency and accountability within the ASUC, especially as it pertains to the allocation and usage of ASUC student fee revenues. He also aims to make this year’s ABSA process as streamlined and accessible as possible, and generally aims to support the RSO community in matters involving ASUC funding. Henry loves to talk about bylaws and budgets, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to him with any questions or concerns regarding anything relating to ASUC finances or the CFO’s office!





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