Bianca Torres Murray
Latinx Students, QT Students, Increased Academic Professional Opportunities, Cross-Cultural Solidarity
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Bianca is proud to be a Latinx Community Endorsed and QT Community Endorsed ASUC Senator. Specifically, Bianca is passionate about building more trust and collaboration between the ASUC and community-based organizations on campus. Bianca has been involved in the ASUC since her first year at Cal. She served as an associate in the External Affairs Vice President’s Office, Senator Chaka Tellem’s Office, and President Tellem’s Office. Bianca has also interned for Raíces Recruitment and Retention Center and the Latinx Business Student Association. She was a researcher and co-director of the Global Systemic Racism Group for UC Berkeley Law School’s Center on Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law and is currently a researcher at UC Berkeley Law School’s Human Rights Center.




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