Office of ASUC Senator Sylvia Targ
Climate Action, Increasing Accessibility & Intersectionality in Environmental Work, Food System Change, Single Use Plastic Reduction & Zero Waste, Science-Policy Communication, Environmental Community & RSOs, College of Natural Resources
Office of ASUC Senator Joseph Besgen
Engineering & Technology Community
Office of Senator Haazim Amirali
Students in Residential Life + Pre-Law, ASUC Internal Reform (Elected Official Accountability, Funding, RSO Accountability), Diversity Curriculum in Res Life, Basic Needs in Res Life, Career Advising in Res life, Pre-Law Career Fair, Pre-Law Speaker Series, Pre-Law Mentorship Program
Office of ASUC Senator Romario
Housing, Wellness, Community; Queer and Trans Community, Berkeley Student Cooperative, Campus Spirit Communities
Office of ASUC Senator Media Sina
College of Chemistry, College of Engineering, Student Involvement in Sustainability on Campus, Organizing for Renewable Energy on Campus, Expanding and Destigmatizing Mental Health Resources
Office of ASUC Senator Oloye
Academic Opportunities, Spaces and Transportation, Professional Development and Alumni Engagement, and Community Development
Office of ASUC Senator Liam Will
Basic Needs Security Programs (Food and Housing), Better Tools for a Low-Cost Class, Centralization of Campus Information, & Better Resources for Student Professional Development, Basic Needs, Service, Berkeley Student Cooperative, Media
Office of ASUC Senator Derek Imai
Campus Physical and Mental Health, Pre-Health Resources and Retention, Environmental Health and Justice, and Nutrition (Food Literacy), Pre-Health Community, AANHPI community, Environmental/Environmental Business Community, and Residential Life Residents
Office of ASUC Senator Sitara Bellam
South Asian Community Development, Sexual Health Education & Training, SHIP/Student Insurance Services, and Financial Sustainability Resources for Student Groups
Office of ASUC Senator Rebecca Soo
Represent the Christian Community, Improve Campus Security, and Support Mental Wellness
Office of ASUC Senator Wang
East Asian Community and International Students, Campus Safety
ASUC Office of Senator Le
Transfer Student Visibility & Inclusion Initiatives, Transfer Student Housing, Expanding and Emphasizing Mental Health Resources, Basic Needs Security Programs
Office of ASUC Senator Melvin Tangonan
Pilipinx Community and Community Organizations, Food Insecurity and Literacy, Major Events Policy/Legislation and Room Reservations
Office of ASUC Senator Shelby Weiss
Jewish Community Advocacy and Programming, Interfaith Initiatives, CalGreeks Sustainability, CalGreeks Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, CalGreeks Community Development, Academic and Student Resources
Office of ASUC Senator Sumrit Grewal
MEMSSA (Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh, South Asian) Community, Academic Empowerment, Holistic Wellness, and MEMSSA Unification
Office of ASUC Senator Gerosa
Increasing Sexual Health Resource Accessibility, especially for Queer & Trans Students, Sexual Violence Prevention, Expanding Mental Health & Alcohol/Substance Use-Based Resources, CalGreeks Community Development
Open applications are posted on a rolling basis throughout the year on this page. If you are interested in joining a specific part of the ASUC that is not currently accepting applications, it’s best to reach out to the head of that office, department, or commission directly using the contact information listed on our Contact Us page.