Andrea Jimenez
Latine Community Excellence (Community Endorsed), Registered Student Organization Support, Creating Accessible Public Service Opportunities
Gabe looks dashing wearing a black suit and red tie. He's standing in front of bright green foliage, and we can make out the faintest outline of a modern building in the background.


I am first-generation daughter of Mexican immigrants who has been elected as the #1 ASUC Senator for the 23-24 school year! During my time in the ASUC Senate I will be advocating for Latine students on campus, aiding student organizations who look for help in establishing an ASUC-RSO relationship, and helping to create accessible public service opportunities for students who are interested in them. Finally, I am a senior who is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Policy!




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Robert Carrillo

Joselyn Espinoza

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