General Manager

Wanny Mei



The Admin Office is comprised of student employees working to facilitate internal and governing processes.

Hello! I’m Wanny Mei, and I’m serving as the General Manager in charge of the Administrative Office. The Admin Office is in charge of facilitating many of the internal processes of the ASUC that allow the institution and its members to effectively function. Other than my work here, I am a fourth year majoring in Sociology. In my free time, I like going to concerts, looking through architecture and interior design books, and trying to catch up with current TV shows. If you have any questions or want to share videos of cute dogs with me, feel free to email me at





Assistant Managers

Emily Lai

Emily Filkin

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General Inquiries, Room Requests, Access, ASUC Finance

The ASUC Admin Office is comprised of around 9-10 student employees that work to facilitate the internal and governing processes of the ASUC. Our staff takes the meeting minutes for Senate Committees and Senate. We also process Purchase Request Forms for ASUC groups, manage ASUC spaces, and the ASUC Archives.

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