The purposes and missions of this commission are listed as following: -To provide a direct link between students and administration in order to create policies aimed towards improving the academic experiences of students. -To enable undergraduate students to voice their opinions on existing policies and infrastructure with the AAVP and campus administration. -To review (but not limited to): new college-specific academic policies, college policies on grades curves/lack thereof, mental health policies within different colleges, college specific unit caps, academic probation policies per college, add/drop deadlines per college, immediate consideration campus issues which affect academic life, department funding public documents, and the status quo of each college.  
Committee Members & Contact Information


Andrew-Ian Bullitt, Chair Andrew-Ian Bullitt is a current Senior out-of- state student studying Mechanical Engineering. After becoming deeply rooted in the nuances and status quo of the engineering community, he became involved in the ASUC and is currently serving as the Academic Affairs Vice President. As AAVP, he Chairs the Committee, manages a grants & scholarships collective of $113,000, appoints students to Academic Senate Committees. This year he has prioritized massive proposals regarding grade deflation and counseling & psychological services and has aggregated data of every major's students' average cumulative GPA (students' average GPA by major at point of graduation) and organized a town hall around input or the new Anna Head Counseling Services Center. In his free time he loves to take photographs, models for Fashion & Student Trends, and hikes the Berkeley Fire Trails often.
Anna Shang, Director Anna Shang is an Applied Mathematics major graduating in the year 2020. She is the director of Undergraduate Academic Committee, and she also works on the Data Science Student Analytics Team. This semester, she is a researcher apprentice in URAP for a Mathematics Cognition and Learning research.
Anne Zepecki, Representative from the College of Engineering Anne Zepecki is a second year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Student minoring in French. On campus, Anne is an officer in Tri Delta; serves as Chief of Staff for Senator Megha Torpunuri; conducts research in the School of Public Health; and serves as a project manager for student-run nonprofit Archer. Anne is passionate about applying her technical skills to tackle social issues relating to education, security, and policy now and in the future.
Aryan Nair, Representative from the College of Chemistry I am a sophomore currently studying Chemical Engineering, and will be representing the College of Chemistry. I currently serve as the Head of Grants and Scholarships for the Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President, as part of the ASUC. I also serve as the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for IFC, the governing body of fraternities at Cal. My interests include theater and film making and I intend to pursue a minor in Theater.
Shane Krpata, Representative from the College of Environmental Design Shane Krpata is a senior from the College of Environmental Design majoring in User Centric Design, as well as minoring in Architecture and Social & Cultural Factors in Environmental Design. In addition to UAC, Shane is the Chair of the Undergraduate Student Council of the College of Environmental Design, the Chair of the Chancellors Advisory Committee on LGBTQ+ Communities at Cal, student co-founder of Wellness Affairs within the College of Environmental Design, and is an active member on the UC Berkeley's Campus Committee for the Removal of Architectural Barriers. Shane is also a member of Cal Vets, a former board member of QARC, and has guest lectured in multiple Berkeley Connect classes. As a CE3 student and in his experience at Cal, Shane is passionate about improving the quality of life for all student and is dedicated to assuring UC Berkeley thrives.
Sachin Holdheim, Representative from the Haas School of Business Sachin Holdheim is a third-year student double majoring in Business Administration and Economics. He currently serves as the Policy Coordinator of the Conduct Division of the ASUC Student Advocate's Office and works in a Social Psychology and Organizational Behavior lab at Haas. Interested in how academic policy can be revamped to better serve our diverse student body, Sachin is the Haas School of Business representative to the UAC.
Sophie Babka, Representative from the College of Natural Resources Sophie Babka is the representative for the College of Natural Resources. She is a third year Environmental Sciences major and Public Policy minor. As your typical CNR student, she enjoys being outdoors, eating yummy vegan food, recycling and composting.
o One representative from the following divisions of the College of Letters and Science: Rizza Estacio, Arts and Humanities Nik Harish, Biological Sciences Jen Shi, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Kyle Chong, Social Sciences Kyle Chong is a third-year from New York City studying Political Economy. He is especially interested in the intersection of government policy and entrepreneurship in relation to global and local poverty and inequality. In addition to his undergraduate studies, Kyle also works as one of the chiefs-of- staff in Senator Alexander Wilfert's office, a project manager for Phoenix Consulting Group, and a debate coach at a high school in San Mateo. William Wang, Undergraduate Studies
Katya Yamamoto, Academic Senate: Undergraduate Council Rep Katya Yamamoto is a 3rd year Bioengineering major and represents the Engineering/greater STEM community as an ASUC Senator. She is one of two student representatives on the Undergraduate Council.
Mateo Montoya, Academic Senate: Undergraduate Council Rep
Julia Cheung, Academic Senate: Committee on Course Instruction Hello all! I’m currently a freshman with an intended double major in Business and Cognitive Sciences. I sit on the UAC as one of the two Courses of Instruction Committee representatives, and also work in Senator Taehan Lee’s office. In UAC, I hope to improve the academic conditions of all students, and more specifically the international community. Hit me up if you have any questions, down for coffee always!
Josephine Chiang, Academic Senate: Committee on Course Instruction I am a third year, double-majoring in Rhetoric and Media Studies. After earning my BA, I plan on pursuing a career on law. I worked as the Chief of Staff of former ASUC Senator Wesley Wan, and am currently working in the Student Advocate’s Office as a caseworker in the Academic division and the Head of Finance and Operations. As a caseworker, I help students through any academic-related dispute they are facing with the University, and drive policy changes through working with campus administrators. I am one of two undergraduate students sitting on the Committee of Course Instruction (COCI), a committee under the Academic Senate, and am sitting on the Undergraduate Academic Committee as a representative of COCI.
Lydia Wang, Student Advocate Rep Lydia is currently a third-year undergraduate studying Business Administration and Philosophy. Outside of class, she is actively involved in business and student government through The Berkeley Group and the ASUC Student Advocate’s Office (SAO). As the Policy Coordinator for SAO’s Academic Division, she is very passionate about effecting campus-wide policy changes to streamline students’ academic experiences and ensure that Berkeley’s bureaucratic system is not an unnecessary source of stress.
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