Sophie Morris
Jewish Community Advocacy, Greek Life Community Development, and Housing Accessibility
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Sophie Morris is a third year student majoring in Political Science with a minor in Public Policy. Sophie is exceptionally proud to be a part of the Jewish community on campus that has provided a home away from home when she could not celebrate her favorite holidays with her family. Sophie would love to represent the Jewish community and increase Jewish advocacy and outreach on campus. During her time as Finance Director in Cal Berkeley Democrats, she organized an event about antisemitism along with Senator Ronit Sholkoff’s Office to broaden student’s understanding of antisemitism. During her first year at UC Berkeley, she started working in the Office of the External Affairs Vice President as a Local Government Associate where she advocated on behalf of students at local city meetings. While she was there, she discovered her passion for local government and community organizing. Along with this, Sophie joined a sorority where she became Assistant VP of New Member Education and worked with new members in their transition into Greek Life. Sophie is passionate about empowering Cal students of all backgrounds to seek the resources of Greek Life.





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