Senator, Chair of Finance Committee

Sumrit Grewal



Sumrit is first-generation, pre-law undergrad in her 3rd year, majoring in Society and Environment with a minor in Political Economy. Sumrit serves as the Middle Eastern/Muslim/Sikh/South Asian community endorsed senator, and, throughout her term, will advocate for and empower this community to ensure students within it are well represented and heard. Sumrit will also work toward increased accessibility of mental, physical, and sexual health resources and more equitable student development opportunities. In her spare time, Sumrit enjoys watching the Bachelor Series, sleeping, and making playlists for every mood that exists.





Chiefs of Staff

Aasim Yahya and Simran Thind

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MEMSSA (Middle Eastern, Muslim, Sikh, South Asian) Community, Academic Empowerment, Holistic Wellness, and MEMSSA Unification

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