Shay Cohen
Jewish Community, SVSH Prevention and Sexual Wellness, Medical Affairs, ASUC Transparency
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Hi! My name is Shay Cohen and I am a sophomore studying Economics and Legal Studies with a minor in Public Policy. My office works on a variety of sectors for our campus. This includes on the empowerment of the Jewish Community through our initiatives to expand Kosher options, provide Jewish students with resources to report antisemitic attacks, and fight for religious holiday accommodations for all faiths on campus. We also have on-going work with our SVSH Green Badge and sexual wellness initiatives. Our Medical affairs department elevates the health of the student body through mental health, harm reduction, nutrition, Covid, and abortion rights initiatives. Additionally, we aim to lower the barriers for underprivileged students by increasing access to opportunities such as research, MCAT workshops, and BLS training. Lastly, our office is a firm believer in advocating and ensuring the transparency of the ASUC! We work tirelessly to make sure all voices are heard and make Cal a place all students can feel welcome and represented!





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