Ariana Kretz
100% University Compliance with the ADA, A Restorative Conduct Process, Housing Justice, Comprehensive Financial Aid, Supportive Academic Policies, An Anti-Racist Campus


The Student Advocate offers representation and advice to any student or group involved in a dispute with the University. 

Ariana is a queer and disabled student, currently a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in History and minors in Public Policy and Conservation and Resource Studies. She has been with the Student Advocate’s Office for two and a half years as a Conduct Caseworker, where she has advised over thirty students who have been accused of misconduct by the University. Her passion for this works stems from the belief that all people deserve allyship and compassion as they navigate oftentimes discriminatory, white supremacist systems. As Student Advocate, Ariana hopes to ensure 100% University Compliance with the ADA, A Restorative Conduct Process, Supportive Academic Policies, Comprehensive Financial Aid, Housing Justice, and An Anti-Racist Campus for all students. You can always contact her and SAO for free, one-on-one, confidential casework at





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