Ronit Sholkoff
Jewish Community Advocacy, Health and Wellness, Accessibility, Greek Life Community Development


Ronit Sholkoff is a third year History major with minors in Global Poverty & Practice and Spanish. Ronit first became involved in the ASUC her freshman year as a campaign manager for Senator Shelby Weiss and worked as her Chief of Staff the following year. Ronit focuses on advocating for Berkeley’s Jewish community, enhancing Greek life community development programs, and expanding sexual health resources at Cal. Ronit also works as a PATH to Care Peer Educator, conducting workshops to various campus organizations about informed consent, healthy relationships, and Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment prevention. Additionally, she helps to lead the Tang Center’s Sexual Health Education Program General Clinic, advising students on safer sex practices. In her free time, Ronit loves to hammock on the glade and have spontaneous conversations with people she runs into around campus.





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