Victoria Vera
The ASUC Office of the President embodies the values of Accessibility, Accountability, & Affordability to serve our student body while uplifting student voices through our work in Campus Climate, Basic Needs, Student Success & Equity, Technology Innovation, and Communications.


The President acts as the chief representative for the association.

Victoria Vera is a fourth-year Political Science student. Being a first-generation, EOP, Chicana feminist, Victoria understands how necessary it is to bring communities into conversations happening across campus. During her time at UC Berkeley, Victoria has been a member of the Latin American Leadership Society, the Chair of the ASUC Diversity Affairs Commission, a Student Representative for the Chancellor’s Building Name Review Committee, and a Residential Assistant. Victoria grasps the power and privilege that is held within the Office of the President and utilizes it to advocates for affordability, accessibility, and accountability.





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Johnny Nguyen

Juan Carlos Arg├╝ello

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