Saruul Amarbayar
Elevating Access to Information and Resources through Technological Means
Gabe looks dashing wearing a black suit and red tie. He's standing in front of bright green foliage, and we can make out the faintest outline of a modern building in the background.


The Chief Technology Officer leads development of new technology created to serve all students at UC Berkeley.

I am a third-year, Computer Science & Economics student. My work as the Chief Technology Officer is to lead projects, including one of the highly used website by students,, and the Berkeley Mobile application to help students to enhance the daily Cal student experience. We also host non-technical projects, including the Summer Case Competition in partnership with the world’s 3rd largest software company, SAP, and the Fall Research Fair to connect undergraduate students with preeminent campus researchers and scholarship providers to bridge students to real-life opportunities. In my free time, I like to play tennis, guitar, and the violin. I picked up acrylic painting during quarantine. Other than that, a stick figure is the closest visual art talent I can produce.





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