Student Advocate 2019-2020

Nava Bearson



The Student Advocate offers representation and advice to any student or group involved in a dispute with the University.

Nava Bearson is a fourth year studying cognitive science and public policy. She has been a member of the Student Advocate’s Office since fall of her freshman year, serving two years as a caseworkers in the conduct division and one year as chief of staff. This year Nava plans to focus on advocating for student basic needs security, inclusive academic policies, and equitable disciplinary processes. Most importantly, she plans to enhance the quality of the free and confidential casework service provided by the Student Advocate’s Office to undergraduate and graduate students related to issues with academics, conduct, financial aid, and other grievances.





Chiefs of Staff

Joyce Huchin, Sophia Fenn

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Conduct violations, Grade disputes, Enrollment issues, Financial aid problems, Establishment of residency, Discrimination, and Harassment. All assistance is free and confidential.


Weekly Reports

The ASUC Student Advocate’s Office (SAO) — effectively the campus public defender — is an executive, non-partisan office of the student government at UC Berkeley. The Student Advocate’s Office offers representation, help, and advice to any student or student group involved in a dispute with the University.

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