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Melvin Tangonan is a third-year student majoring in Political Science and South/South East Asian Studies. As a student, Melvin has been involved with various community-serving organizations within the Pilipinx Community at Cal. Organizations include PASS (Pilipinx Academic Student Services), PAHC (Pilipinx Association for Health Careers), PBA (Pilipinx Basketball Association) and PAA (Pilipinx American Alliance). He also held positions in multiple administrative and academic spaces including American Cultures Requirement Committee, Admissions Communications Advisory Board, and Undocumented Student Coallition. His ASUC experience began as an intern for Former Pilipinx Endorsed Senator Rizza Estacio. He then became the Director of Pilipinx Outreach and Development in the Office of the President. As the Pilipinx-Community Endorsed Senator, he intends to use his platform and privilege of his senate seat to advocate for many marginalized communities on campus. Additionally, through community engagement and oversight, Senator Tangonan hopes to uplift the narrative of the Pilipinx Community, challenge the University Administration to support student initiatives (specifically recruiting and retaining marginalized communities), help reform the Event Policies to assist Registered Student Organizations (RSO), and ensure the Basic Needs of the student population are met.





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