Senator, Chair of University and External Affairs Committee

Media Sina



Media is a third year studying Chemical Engineering. She is a first-generation Kurdish immigrant from Iran, who is loving and proud of her culture and heritage. As a Senator, she will represent the College of Chemistry community, advocate for the success and wellbeing of students by ensuring their mental wellness and academic support, and work to guarantee UC Berkeley’s sustainability for the long run. She hopes to uplift marginalized students, especially those pursuing STEM degrees here on campus. Media is passionate about clean energy policy, learning about other cultures, and responsible humanitarian work. She is a fan of documentaries, trivia, and cooking shows. In her free time, she loves to hang out with her family, cook, and go on long walks.






Chief of Staff

Nickan Fayyazi

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College of Chemistry, College of Engineering, Student Involvement in Sustainability on Campus, Organizing for Renewable Energy on Campus, Expanding and Destigmatizing Mental Health Resources

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