Mahathi Kandimalla
Pre-Health Community, Student Needs, and Sexual Health
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Mahathi Kandimalla is a fourth-year student majoring in Public Health. She represents Pre-Health (Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, etc.) students on campus while also focusing on student needs, Pre-Grad, sexual health, and sustainability initiatives. As a Senator, Mahathi plans to host social and professional events, bring more resources and attention to smaller RSOs, increase resources and opportunities for Pre-Professional students, and work on other ideas focusing on the needs of students. Mahathi hopes to bring her past RSO and ASUC experience together to help build a less-toxic pre-health community and best serve the student body. As for resolutions, she aims to write legislation aimed at health policy and advocacy, utilizing her passion for public health. Always open to grabbing coffee or having a zoom chat, Mahathi hopes to continue having conversations with non-ASUC-affiliated students. Outside of the ASUC, she volunteers on the medical team at concerts (RockMed) and enjoys cooking, reading, and playing basketball. Additionally, a Minnesotan at heart, Mahathi spends most of her free time daydreaming about snowfall and fall colors. 





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