Mina Han
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The Chief Legal Officer is responsible for the ASUC’s legal affairs, governing documents, and elections.

Mina A. Han is a Senior studying Environmental Economics and Policy and Legal Studies. She’s involved with other student organizations on campus, like Sigma Alpha Nu, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Scuba at Berkeley, while also juggling a part-time job at Berkeley Law. She’s been a part of the ASUC since her second-year, and is now focusing on executing a fruitful tenure as Chief Legal Officer on bylaw beatification, organizing inter-office projects, refining operations, supporting other ASUC officials in their legislative endeavors, and facilitating meaningful work and institutional memory. Don’t hesitate to ask her a question about liability, the governing documents, or about anything ASUC!




Legal Deputy

Henry F. Isselbacher

ChiefS of Staff

Anika Sanyal

Stephany Su

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