Muz Ahmad
Pre-Health, Greek Life, Sustainability, Basic Needs
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Muz Ahmad is a fourth-year student from El Dorado Hills, California, studying Microbial Biology with plans to attend medical school after undergrad. As a Senator, Muz serves the Pre-Health and Greek community at UC Berkeley, while also working on sustainability and basic needs issues. For the Pre-Health community, Muz is working to increase clinical and internship opportunities, while aiming to create systems to lower the cost of graduate school prep resources. For the Greek community, Muz is focused on making Greek life a more sustainable, safe, and inclusive environment. In addition, Muz hopes to spend his term tackling basic needs issues on campus, ensuring that no financial limitation should ever be a barrier to a student’s success. In his free time, Muz likes spending time with his dog, a five year old German shepherd named Bear.




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