Jason Dones


The Chief Legal Officer is responsible for the ASUC’s legal affairs, governing documents, and elections.

Jason Dones is a third-year from San Antonio, Texas studying public policy and law. Jason has been working in the ASUC since the first day of his freshman year, originally serving as a Community Engagement Associate in a Senate office. As the tenth Chief Legal Officer of the ASUC and member of the ASUC Student Union Board of Directors, he sees his role as ensuring that student organizations and students’ elected representatives have the tools they need to continue serving students. This year the Legal Office will complete several large scale agreements and create new resources to help the entire ASUC function more efficiently. When he’s not in Eshleman or in meetings on campus, you can find Jason playing tennis or soccer or hanging out with friends (the majority of whom he’s met over the past 3 years in the ASUC).





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