Senator, Chair of Governance and Internal Affairs Committee 

Haazim Amirali



Haazim Amirali is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Political Science and History. Haazim first became involved in the ASUC his freshman year serving as Legislative Director for Senator Adnan Hemani and then serving as the Associate Chief of Reform and Legislation in the Office of the President last year. He is excited to work on reshaping residential life, expanding pre-law resources, and making the ASUC accessible to students in an effort to better the overall student experience at Cal. On campus, he is an RA in Unit 3, the basketball supervisor at IM Sports, and plans events for pre-law students in the Undergraduate Legal Honors Society. During his free time, he facetimes his 5-year-old sister to learn about the new words she learns each week!





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Students in Residential Life + Pre-Law, ASUC Internal Reform (Elected Official Accountability, Funding, RSO Accountability), Diversity Curriculum in Res Life, Basic Needs in Res Life, Career Advising in Res life, Pre-Law Career Fair, Pre-Law Speaker Series, Pre-Law Mentorship Program

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