2020 ASUC Election Provisional Ballot

If you are unable to access the primary ballot on CalLink, you can still vote provisionally.

Things to Know About Voting Provisionally:

A provisional ballot counts the same as a regular ballot and is meant to be used when a voter cannot access the primary ballot on CalLink. Pursuant to ASUCBL 4103 and Elections Council Temporary Rule 19/20-002, voters wishing to cast a provisional ballot in the 2020 ASUC Election may do so online by clicking on the link above. You will be asked to provide your name, student ID number, and upload an image of either:

a) Your Cal1Card (front and back); OR

b) A government-issued ID AND a University-issued document showing your student ID (such as an unofficial transcript)

If you experience any difficulty voting, please email elections@asuc.org or use the following link to request live support: tinyurl.com/2020asucelections-queue.

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