Evan Cui

Chief Personnel Officer





Anthony Yeung, a.yeung@berkeley.edu



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The Personnel Office is responsible for the people of the ASUC. Not only do we hold members accountable for the work that they do, we also work to recruit the most qualified students on campus, promote the wellbeing of all our members, and foster a deeper sense of community in the ASUC! We hope to ensure that the people in the ASUC are having the best time doing the best work they can for students and the campus at large.

Evan Cui is a 2nd year intended Economics Major! Evan’s interests include listening to Korean hiphop, going to aesthetic cafes, and doing “work” (catch him at Blue Bottle), and writing quasi-satirical Yelp reviews that he shares on Facebook. Besides ASUC, Evan tries to get involved as much as possible with his home Berkeley church @LivingWater Passion! Evan’s main office goals this semester are the following: setting a strong foundational precedent for the structure of the Personnel Office, working with major stakeholders to improve/clarify the Internship Program, and developing the major functionalities of the office in terms of recruitment/retention/networking. Evan’s main goals in general are to create a stronger sense of community within the ASUC, to ensure that each person has a clear sense of purpose and fulfillment in the work that they do, and to promote positive leadership in every aspect of student government!