Jason Dones
Legal Affairs, Compliance & Risk Management
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The Chief Legal Officer is responsible for the ASUC’s legal affairs, governing documents, and elections.

As the tenth ASUC Chief Legal Officer and member of the ASUC Student Union Board of Directors, Jason Dones leads all legal affairs for the largest student-run non-profit in the nation. He oversees the ASUC’s retained attorneys and manages an office of 25+ student staff who work to protect and support the ASUC, its 40+ elected and appointed officials, its 1,000+ volunteers/support staff, and its 45,000+ members. The Legal Office’s main focuses are in compliance/risk management, intellectual property protection, election oversight, financial audit/insurance, financial transactions/contracts, legislative/bylaw review, and ASUC Commercial Activity oversight. The Legal Office always remains committed to protecting the ideals of student participation, self determination, and government transparency, and we will work to hold both ASUC officials and University officials accountable when they encroach of the rights of students as laid out in the ASUC Constitution and our agreements with the University.

Jason is the first former elected official and the first African-American to serve as Chief Legal Officer. Prior to taking office, Jason served as an ASUC Senator, focused on community engagement and STEM-related campus needs. As Senator, he authored the Student Technology Fund renewal including an expansion to the Student Technology Equity Program to close the digital divide among students in need. He also engaged in complex negotiations with campus administration to lower proposed student fees by nearly $50 per student.





Jason Dones

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