Nancy Kim
Marketing and Communications, Outreach, Publicity, Design, Branding, Social Media
Gabe looks dashing wearing a black suit and red tie. He's standing in front of bright green foliage, and we can make out the faintest outline of a modern building in the background.


The Chief Communications Officer bridges the student body and ASUC together through outreach and communications initiatives. 

Nancy Kim is a 3rd-year student studying Media Studies and Economics. She joined the ASUC during her first semester, previously serving as an Outreach Coordinator, and then as the Chief of Staff under her predecessor. This year, Nancy aims to increase awareness of ASUC resources and to amplify students’ voices through various outreach campaigns and media platforms. During her spare time, Nancy enjoys going on mini-adventures with her friends and watching her favorite shows while munching on a bag of potato chips.




Chief of Staff

Vineela Gogineni

Social Media

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