Anjali Jogia-Sattar
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Anjali Jogia-Sattar is a third-year undergraduate student who is majoring in Economics and Political Science. As this year’s South Asian community-endorsed Senator, Anjali represents 20+ registered student organizations, including cultural, performance, service, religious, and professional groups. ASUC Senator Sattar’s office houses the South Asian Caucus, which strives to build and bolster the South Asian community at UC Berkeley by using an intersectional framework to develop and enhance identity and belonging. Among serving as a liaison for South Asian Resources & Representation in the Senate, Anjali also prioritizes Gender Equity in Pre-Professional Tracks and Mental Health/SVSH Advocacy through a culturally competent and trauma-informed lens. In her free time, you can find Anjali hanging out in the Senate lounge, getting Chipotle before class, or relaxing on Memorial Glade.





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