Chief Personnel Officer

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Internship Interest Form

This form is intended to give applicants the opportunity to present their interests and skillsets to Senators/Execs who are recruiting for interns. While all offices have specific intern roles that you can apply for, completing this form will provide offices an opportunity to directly contact you if interested. For people who are not completely sure where they would best fit, this form provides an opportunity for you to be contacted about a role where a Senator/Exec might see you succeeding in. Filling out this form will increase your chances of being placed in a role within the ASUC that fits what you’re looking for.


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Office of the Chief Technology Officer

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Office of the Chief Personnel Officer

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Judicial Clerk

Applications are due Sunday, September 9th at 11:59pm

Judicial Council Clerks shall assist the Justices with the functions of the Council. Such duties shall include any tasks delegated to the Clerks including, but not limited to: delivering subpoenas, contacting participants in Judicial Council proceedings, collecting briefs and Petitions, and making copies of Judicial Council documents.

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Sexual Violence Commission

ASUCBL 3302§1.2: “The Sexual Violence Commission is charged with holding the university accountable for transforming university sexual assault policies and resources; improving, expanding, and publicizing services and resources for survivors; improving educational awareness and consciousness raising among students; and otherwise fostering a culture of consent on our campus and in the community to ensure student safety and to create a more inclusive campus climate.”

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Diversity Affairs Commission

The ASUC Diversity Affairs Commission is charged with the following tasks to explore the unique issues facing underrepresented and marginalized communities, and to make formal recommendations to the ASUC Senate and facilitate student efforts to address those issues.

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Police Oversight Commission Chair

Commission Chairs serve as the chief executive of their respective commission, convene public noticed meetings of the commission at least once every four weeks, and recruit commission members with the assistance of the Chief Accountability Officer. Additionally, commission chairs are the primary spokesperson for their issue in the greater ASUC. A complete list of of itemized duties can be found in ASUC Bylaw 3301.

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Elections Council

All job descriptions (Assistant Elections Council Chair, Elections Prosecutor, and Elections Auditor) can be found in ASUCBL 4101 (

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Financial Wellness Commission

The purpose of our Commission is to increase students’ awareness for and accessibility to financial resources and opportunities provided by campus offices, programs, and organizations; engage in dialogue with campus offices, programs, and organizations involved in work related to financial wellness, financial literacy, food security, health affordability, and housing affordability; determine issues pertinent to student financial wellness that the Commission should prioritize; host workshops and other events that improve overall student financial wellness; and most importantly, incubate a campus policy advocacy agenda that is supportive of financial wellness of students on campus, one which ensures affordable living expenses.

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Open applications are posted on a rolling basis throughout the year on this page. If you are interested in joining a specific part of the ASUC that is not currently accepting applications, it’s best to reach out to the head of that office, department, or commission directly using the contact information listed on our Contact Us page.