Email ABSA@asuc.org with any questions about ASUC Budgeting/Spaces! 

The ASUC Annual Budgeting and Spaces Allocation (ABSA) application will open on Friday, February 17, 2023 at 8:00am. Please read this article in its entirety for important instructions and reminders about your RSO’s sponsorship and budget/space allocations for the coming year, and be prepared to review the application carefully once it launches for detailed instructions and information.

Please ensure that only one application is submitted for your RSO. We encourage signatories and agents to work together when completing your RSO’s application, but we will discard any additional responses submitted for an RSO. We advise that your RSO begin to consider your budget needs for the entire academic year 2022-23 and begin to assemble the necessary documentation and information soon after the application opens, as the application can take some time to complete. Due to the tight timeline and staffing constraints we face, we cannot accept late applications under any circumstances, so start early! That being said, we acknowledge that ABSA can be a lengthy and sometimes confusing process, so we have created a timeline for you that includes an information session and office hours to assist you and your RSO through the budgeting process.

The offices of the ASUC Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President will be reviewing the applications in the coming weeks and will be available to answer your questions.

The ABSA timeline is as follows:

  • Monday, February 21 at 8:00 am: Application opens on CalLink as a form on the ASUC Senate CalLink page and under the “Forms” tab on the CalLink homepage.
  • Wednesday, February 23 at 5:00 pm: Zoom information session/walkthrough of ABSA with a Q&A at the end (register here: https://berkeley.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMqcu6hqTIjGtDaMXeFqKHd6iUeQn6JeBz6)
  • Info session recording: https://berkeley.zoom.us/rec/share/x9d0Qsj9MaDoeoDbH2VZYq0Tp-q3TMHd0Ic_80nwFQzrqvrhfijNsKf-cIY1PYk.S8fX6eM6A__Oupqx
  • Monday, February 28, 12 – 2 pm: ABSA office hours (in-person in Senate Chambers [Eshleman 510] and on Zoom — link in the application and on CalLink events).
  • Wednesday, March 2, 4:30 – 6:30 pm: ABSA office hours (in-person in Senate Chambers [Eshleman 510] and on Zoom — link in the application and on CalLink events).
  • Thursday, March 3, 9:30 – 11:30 am: ABSA office hours (in-person in Senate Chambers [Eshleman 510] and on Zoom — link in the application and on CalLink events).
  • Saturday, March 5, 11 am – 2 pm: ABSA office hours (in-person in Senate Chambers [Eshleman 510] and on Zoom — link in the application and on CalLink events). 
  • Saturday, March 5 at 11:59 pm: ABSA application closes. No late submissions will be accepted under ANY circumstances! 
  • Saturday, March 19: Initial 2022-23 ABSA (budget and space) allocations posted. 
  • Sunday, March 20 at 8:00 am: Budget and spaces appeals window opens.
  • Saturday, April 2 at 11:59 pm: Appeal window closes. No late submissions will be accepted under ANY circumstances!
  • Wednesday, April 13: Final 2022-23 ABSA decisions forwarded to ASUC Senate for approval.

While we provided this comprehensive timeline so that you and your RSO can plan accordingly, we want to emphasize that the most important dates to keep in mind currently are the Monday, 2/21 application launch and the Saturday, 3/5 application deadline at 11:59 pm. We will follow up with all RSOs that submit their initial ABSA allocation with detailed instructions and information regarding the appeals process.

We highly encourage RSO leaders to take advantage of the information sessions and office hours that the ASUC Chief Financial Officer will be hosting during the application window. The aim of the information sessions is to provide a general and comprehensive overview of the application itself and what information we expect RSOs to provide, as well as to answer general questions. The office hours will be a chance for RSO leaders to ask more specific questions regarding their applications to members of the ASUC Finance team.

Please note that RSOs that do not submit an ABSA application by the deadline must wait until August 2022 to (re)apply for ASUC sponsorship and to apply for any ASUC funds. Furthermore, RSOs that do not submit an ABSA application will be unable to receive spaces of any kind in Hearst Gym, MLK B North, or Eshleman Hall (even if you already have a space this year!). Please plan accordingly and make sure to leave plenty of time to complete your RSO’s application. We typically advise roughly two hours of time for thorough applications. RSOs allocated spaces in the ABSA allocations will be required to attend a mandatory spaces orientation and sign an agreement with the ASUC before the end of the Spring 2022 semester. More information will be provided after the initial allocations are announced.

For general questions regarding the 2022-2023 ABSA application process or regarding the specifics of budgeting, please email ABSA@asuc.org and/or attend any of our ABSA office hours. For questions specifically regarding the spaces component of the ABSA application, please email spaces@asuc.org or attend any of our office hours. We will continue to provide ABSA updates on CalLink and, if necessary, by email.

We look forward to working with all of you and continuing to help promote all of the incredible work your organizations do for the campus and the community!

The ASUC allocates space in the Student Union building to student organizations every spring and fall

Allocations are made based on how long each student org has existed, what kind of student group it is, and what needs the group has for space. The most updated spaces allocations can be viewed here. The space application and management process: 1. You must be an ASUC Sponsored organization. 2. Apply for space during the annual application process through the office of the ASUC Executive Vice President. This takes place during March or April. Decisions will be made in April. Final allocations are determined after applications and appeals are finalized. 3. To gain access to your space, a member of your organization must attend a student space orientation, usually held in late April or early May. 4. Move in/out day happens in May, or as facilitated by the ASUC EVP. 5. Space is allocated on an annual basis – you must apply every year, and you may be asked to change or reduce your space, based on the discretion of the EVP’s office. Questions can be sent to spaces@asuc.org Did you know that registered student organizations can reserve many spaces on campus for free? Click here to read about the different entities that manage space on campus and how to make a reservation. For more information about managing your organization, click here.

Orientation Questions

Q: How do I know if my org needs to attend makeup orientation?

A: Pertains to Hearst Cages Only: If your organization already attended orientation & signed the space use agreement and recently received an upgraded Hearst Cage, there is no need to attend orientation again. We thank you for attending orientation and abiding by our policies. If your organization failed to attend Heart Cages Orientation or makeup orientation, we have downgraded your cage allocation instead of completely revoking it. A representative from your organization must still attend the final makeup orientation in Senate Chambers. If your organization fails to attend this orientation, we will revoke your space completely. No exceptions will be made. Pertains to Eshleman/B-North Only: If your org failed to attend Eshleman/B-North orientation/makeup orientation, then your space has been revoked and re-allocated to another org.  

Q: Can I just sign the space use agreement now and not go to orientation?

A: No. All organizations that meet the above criteria must attend the orientation. This is to ensure fair and accurate information is relayed to your org.  

Q: When is makeup orientation?

A: The last makeup orientation is in Senate Chambers. This is the final orientation and if your organization fails to attend, your space will be completely revoked. No exceptions.  

Q: What if I cannot attend this makeup orientation?

A: Any member of your organization can attend this orientation as long as they accurately relay this information back. We also highly recommend that you prepare more than one representative in the case of an emergency.  

Q: How long is orientation? What do we do in orientation? Do we have to stay for the full two hours?

A: Orientation will be at most 20 mins for your respective attendee. In orientation, we go over the space use agreement to ensure that your organization has full understanding of proper space use. Afterwards, you will be signing the space use agreement. No, you do not have to stay for the full two hours. You may leave after you complete your orientation. If you were newly allocated space in Eshleman/B-North, you must attend the orientation. If you fail to attend, we will re-allocate it to other orgs on our waiting list.   Waiting list only pertains to organizations that submitted ABSA and an appeal on time and were still not allocated space in either Hearst/Eshleman. The waitlist is NOT for organizations who had their space revoked. Placement on the waitlist does not guarantee an allocation.

Locker Combination Questions

Q: When can I get my locker combo? I want to move in.

A: Locker combinations will be given out to ensure we give every organization the most accurate information. This is due to the fact that ABSA needs to be passed by Senate on Wednesday and we cannot proceed without this approval. Due to leftover operational issues from previous years, we are also working to replace and secure locks for a few cages. We appreciate your patience and thank you for understanding.

General ABSA Questions

Q: My organization got their space revoked. We failed to attend orientation for (any) reason. What can we do?

A: If your org failed to attend Hearst Cage Orientation/Makeup, we have downgraded your space instead of completely revoking it. You must attend the final makeup orientation or else your space will be completely revoked. No exceptions will be made. If your organization did not attend the Eshleman/B-North Orientation, your previously allocated space has been revoked and reallocated to another org.


Q: I was in a medical/some emergency that prevents me from attending orientation. Why is it my fault if I could not attend?

A: We have sent out multiple emails via Callink relay regarding orientation date, starting with more than one week’s advance notice. Moving forward, we highly recommend your organization prepare more than one representative to attend in case the original designated attendee can not attend or notify others to attend on the day of the event. No exceptions will be made for reasons for failure to attend orientation..


Q: Why can I not access the original ABSA Final Decisions Spreadsheet?

A: We have currently turned off access for the original spreadsheet because we are pending Senate approval. If you would like to access our latest tentative allocations, please click on this link. Once Senate passes ABSA, we will update it with the most accurate information. We would like to prevent confusion and misinformation.


Q: What does the red and blue coloring in the latest tentative allocations document mean?

A: A club name in a red cell on the Hearst Cages sheet represents a downgraded allocation for a organization that previously failed to attend the original Hearst orientation or the original makeup Hearst orientation. All organizations in red must still attend the final makeup orientation in Senate Chambers.

A club name in a blue cell on the Hearst Cages sheet represents an upgraded or additional allocation for an organization that previously did attend the original Hearst orientation or the original makeup Hearst orientation. Organizations in blue do not have to attend the final makeup orientation.

A club name in a blue cell on the Eshleman or B North sheets represents an organization that newly received that space, replacing a revoked organization that failed to attend the original Hearst orientation or the makeup Hearst orientation. All organizations in blue must attend the final makeup orientation in Senate Chambers.


Facility Operation Hours

Eshleman Hall: 8AM – 11PM Hearst Cages: 8AM – 6PM
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