April 16th, 2019
ASUC Office of the Chief Communications Officer

The ASUC Executive and Appointed Officers Committee, comprised of the ASUC’s executive officers and appointed officers, met today to discuss the ongoing situation that has ensued after the Judicial Council ruling on Monday, April 15th.


The ASUC’s leadership makes it clear that we denounce any personal threats and hateful language to any individual involved in this situation. Verbal attacks are unacceptable, and while we recognize the intensity of the emotions of those associated with this situation, we call on all to maintain civility.


We reaffirm our commitment to the UC Berkeley Principles of Community, especially that:

  • We affirm the dignity of all individuals and strive to uphold a just community in which discrimination and hate are not tolerated.
  • We are committed to ensuring freedom of expression and dialogue that elicits the full spectrum of views held by our varied communities.
  • We respect the differences as well as the commonalities that bring us together and call for civility and respect in our personal interactions.

Although our meeting did not yield a definitive conclusion, we expect fruitful and productive conversations to continue in the days ahead.

In the meantime, we urge those who are affected by this situation to take care of their personal and mental health and to utilize the various resources and services available on campus as needed, such as the counseling and psychological services provided by University Health Services.

Download the PDF version of this statement here.

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