Gabbi Sharp
Black Students, QT Students, Reimagining Public Safety, Fighting Against Displacement
Gabe looks dashing wearing a black suit and red tie. He's standing in front of bright green foliage, and we can make out the faintest outline of a modern building in the background.


My name is Gabbi Sharp and I am an African American Studies major who plans to advocate for the communities that endorsed me such as the Black community, Queer and Trans community, as well as the Berkeley Student Cooperative. Our office seeks to reimagine public safety as we advocate for the end of policing on campus and move towards other means of community protection and care. We also plan to hold the university accountability for the gentrification they impose in the Bay Area that leads to the displacement and houselessness of members of our communities, especially when it comes to the fight to defend People’s Park. ASUC has often been a place of resume building and elitism, and this year we are aspiring to change that.





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