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Office of ASUC Senator Rebecca Soo

Hi everyone! 


We are so excited that you want to join the Office of ASUC Senator Rebecca Soo! This year, our office will be focusing on advocating for mental wellness (like working on projects to destigmatize counseling services and establishing peer support networks), and representing the Christian community (by promoting unity within the Big-C Church in order to serve the campus to the best of our ability). Last year, God worked through both hills and valleys in ways that sparked a running dialogue on this campus. This year, we hope to continue that conversation through the opportunity to build bridges between the Christian community and Cal. Whether your interests are related to the well being of the student body, a heart for ministry, or just a desire to serve other students on campus, we have a role for you! Please look over the committees we have at https://tinyurl.com/soo2020


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 


Thank you for taking the time to apply! We sincerely hope this office will give you the chance to seek political engagement, make positive changes on our campus, and learn along the way. 



Senator Soo 

Valid through
August 31, 2020

Position: Office of ASUC Senator Rebecca Soo

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