Position title
Office of ASUC Senator Liam Will

1) The Basics

Contact me (liamwill@berkeley.edu) for questions. Here is our Office document that lists our mission & all positions (bit.ly/LiamOfficeOverview). Since the document is humongous (108 pages to be exact), you do not need to know what all the positions are.

2) We are currently on our PRIORITY ROLLING BASIS phase (“first come first serve!”).

The phase ends August 18th, (Sun). During this phase we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis and all will receive priority over students who apply after this phase. Our hard application deadline after this priority rolling basis phase is Sept 15th (Sun). We recommend sending in an application as soon as possible as that we have a limited number of leadership positions.

3) We are a HUGE office, which also means a couple of things.

Our vision for a huge office is a close community! We also have many projects we would love to accomplish. We initiate and progress on basic needs, campus experience, student professional development, and media-centered student projects. Here is a summary of each department:

4) Department of Basic Needs (DBN):

Our largest department where we focus on food and housing insecurity, class & printing resource accessibility, and policy research & lobbying. Some projects intersect with one of the following: campus fairs, town halls, DeCals, cooperatives, menstrual products, the international community, and veganism.

5) Department of Campus Programming (DCP):

Our second largest department where we launch 5 Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s), 1 DeCal, 3 People of Color (PoC) history-centered media fairs, 3 large-scale campus events, and the digitization of our campus yearbooks. We also work to lobby our campus for the creation of a media minor.

6) Department of External Affairs (DEA):

Our third largest department where we communicate with major ASUC committees, strengthen our Office’s social media pages, and host Office networking events with organizations that align with our Office mission.

7) Department of Internal Affairs (DIA):

Our smallest department where we host Office socials, photoshoots and a retreat. We operate the operations of the Office, including our internal newsletter and tabling schedules. We publicize a competitive department- centered point system and an Office-wide buddy system.

Position: Office of ASUC Senator Liam Will

Thank you for submitting your application. We will contact you shortly!

Key Platforms/Communities
Basic Needs Security Programs (Food and Housing), Better Tools for a Low-Cost Class, Centralization of Campus Information, & Better Resources for Student Professional Development, Basic Needs, Service, Berkeley Student Cooperative, Media
Valid through
September 15, 2019