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Office of ASUC Senator Aasim Yahya

Hi all!

Welcome to the official application for the ASUC Office of Senator Aasim Yahya! If you've made it this far, than is it likely you are interested in joining our office. During the Fall 2020 cycle, we will be recruiting for all positions that are denoted by [OPEN NOW] on our positions description guide, which can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/aasim-positions

Our primary commitment remains to the students of U.C. Berkeley who elected us to represent their values, build sustainable solutions to our most pressing issues, and be bold student advocates. The only pre-requisite to applying for our office is to also believe in this commitment.

The world is a difficult place to navigate right now. Amidst it all, we are trying to understand how to be students. The student experience is enriched when we choose to become involved in our communities and within our campus. I hope you see our office as that opportunity.

Before applying, we encourage you to read through our descriptions guide (linked above). Please reach out to us if you have any questions!


Aasim Yahya (aasimyahya@berkeley.edu) | ASUC Senator
Mehnaz Grewal (mehnazgrewal@berkeley.edu) | External Head of Staff
Jashdeep Dhillon (jdhillon813@berkeley.edu) | Internal Head of Staff

Priority Deadline: Aug. 8 (by 11:59 PM)
Deadline: Aug. 30 (by 11:59 PM) — If positions are open.
Estimated Time to Complete Application: 20-30 minutes

Please Note: You are allowed to apply to no more then 3 ASUC Offices.

Valid through
August 30, 2020

Position: Office of ASUC Senator Aasim Yahya

Thank you for submitting your application. We will contact you shortly!