Position title
Internship with Office of ASUC Senator Romario


I am honored by your decision to click on this link and express interest in joining my team.

The ASUC Senate Office endorsed by the Queer/Trans Community has acquired quite a reputation on campus. With former Senators like Juniperangelica Cordova and Teddy Lake, the QT endorsed Office has achieved milestones never thought possible.

The shoes we must fill are expansive and deep… so we need the right kinds of feet for the task. We need people who are ready to find a place in the century long fight for transforming this University into a place for everyone.

In my campaign’s endorsement, the Daily Californian indicated that our goals are “ambitious”. And this is true. Tackling the gender binary in the housing selection process, raising $10,000 in summer scholarships, securing a Wellness Director, planning Wellness Workshops and a Tailgate, hosting a UC Expungement Day, securing hormone replacement therapy fee waivers are by no means easy tasks.

Yet our community has proven time and time again that we make the once impossible, a reality.

I refuse to spend this upcoming year as an idle campus representative. Too often are Senators elected, add a title to their resume, and then never put in the work they promised to their constituents. But I can ensure you that I won’t ever be one of those Senators, that I will work day in, day out to fulfill the expectations of and for my community. And I will expect my Office team members to do the same. Please only apply if you know deep down that your intentions are community-centered and morally conscious. Resume stuffers may exit stage left. There’s a legacy to be upheld, so we cannot waste time on those who are here for themselves.

The torch has been passed.
Let’s carry this flame to victory.

With love always,
ASUC Senator

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and, following your submission, you may be asked to participate in an online interview. Regardless of submission or interview date, we will not begin making offers until the application officially closes on August 24th at 11:59pm. Please note, however, that we will accept late applications through September 7th at 11:59pm with no penalty (although, your preferred position will likely be filled at that point).

For Office description (Structure, Department Priorities, Positions): https://tinyurl.com/SenatorRomario

* Please note that due to historic underrepresentation, applications from QTPOC will be prioritized. However, all community members are encouraged to apply and participate in our office.

Position: Internship with Office of ASUC Senator Romario

Thank you for submitting your application. We will contact you shortly!

Key Platforms/Communities
Housing, Wellness, Community; Queer and Trans Community, Berkeley Student Cooperative, Campus Spirit Communities
Valid through
September 7, 2019